Ambarwati, Fitarosana Enda and Utami, Devi Farida (2012) PENGARUH PEMBERIAN LARUTAN EKSTRAK JERUK NIPIS (Citrus aurantifolia) TERHADAP PEMBENTUKAN PLAK GIGI. Undergraduate thesis, Fakultas Kedokteran.



Background: Plaque on the teeth provides nutrients for bacteria to grow, causes bacteria colonization, and provides the acidic conditions which will come into contact with the surface of the tooth, so it dissolves the enamel and causing caries. Prevention of plaque formation can be done chemically. In this study, used a solution of lime extract (Citrus aurantifolia) as a mouthwash, because there are various phytochemical capable of inhibiting plaque formation by lowering the formation of smear layer, reduce viscosity and increase the salivary flow rate, and decrease the number of plaque forming bacteria. This study was meant to know the effect of lime extract solution on the formation of dental plaque. Methods: This study was an experimental study using Randomized Controlled Trial. The sample of this study is the students of Qosim Al-Hadi boarding school, Mijen, Semarang. 54 students were divided randomly into two groups, which is a control group and test groups. The test groups were given 65% of lime extract solutions. Dental plaque score was measured with Stillness&Loe before and after intervention. The data analyzed by computer program with independent sample t-test and its significancy accepted if p<0,05. Results: Wilcoxon test has produced significance value of p<0.05 and in Independent t-test were also found significant differences (p<0.05) of group P (65%) when compared to the control group. The results of this study indicated that the dental plaque scores after intervention of P (median = 0.75), were lower than K group (median = 1.25). Conclusion: The 65% of lime extract solution inhibited the formation of dental plaque formation and there are significancy difference between dental plaque on the control group and treatment group, where is dental plaque on the treatment group is lower than control group Keywords: Lime extract solution, the formation of dental plaque

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