Yunita, Amanda Hera (2012) DIALEK LOKAL SEBAGAI PENANDA IDENTITAS LOKAL INDIVIDU (Studi pada Mahasiswa di Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP UNDIP Semarang). Undergraduate thesis, Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP UNDIP.

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Abstract Dialect constitutes an identity of individual. From the dialect, every individual can understand who we are, another individual, and they know who we are, we know who they are. However, by the presence of glowing present dialect phenomena in the student circles, the identity of every individual becomes disguised. The students would rather feel more comfortable to use the present dialect than local dialect. They do this to make the process of social adaptation and adjustment easy. This study has an objective in observing communication experience and understanding of students who do not use their local dialect as a means of communication in FISIP Undip Semarang in adapting to defend their communication with another students that takes place in the campus circle. The theory which is used in this study is Interactionism Symbolic Theory which is proposed by Herbert Blumer and Mead. This experience and understanding of individual is revealed by the descriptive qualitative method which comprehends the point of view of research participant deeply. The researcher uses interview technique intently toward four informants who are from Solo, Grobogan, Kebumen and Semarang. Besides that, the researcher also do passive observation to add information which can espouse the explanation from the informants. The result of this research shows that the students would rather choose to use the present dialect to be able to adapt and communicate with the surroundings and another students in campus. The present dialect which is used by the students constitutes the adaptation process with new surroundings. They can join into a new group if they use the same dialect which is considered as superior dialect. Although the informants would rather choose to use the present dialect than their own local dialect, they still have an understanding about the existence of local dialect. Dialect is one of our own national culture, so if we do not perpetuate that our local dialect can be extinct. Key word: university student/student, present dialect, local dialect, interactionism symbolic

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