Interpretasi Khalayak Terhadap Eksploitasi Tubuh Perempuan dalam Film Horor Suster Keramas

Pertiwi, Permata Putri (2012) Interpretasi Khalayak Terhadap Eksploitasi Tubuh Perempuan dalam Film Horor Suster Keramas. Undergraduate thesis, Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP UNDIP.



ABSTRACT This research discusses the acceptance of horor movie Suster Keramas viewers, especially the interpretation of female’s body. Suster Keramas is a horror movie that use sensuality of female’s body and a lot of comedy porn. This movie also bring the movie stars porn from Japan, Rin Sakuragi and use sensuality that packed so attractive to become a main attraction in movie. The exploitation of the female’s body then become public consumption witnessed by millions of pairs of eyes through the cinema screen. The use of the female’s body which explored the sensuality in the horror movie, as has been done horror movie Suster Keramas has reaped critism opinions from the public. This research use normative theory from Mc Quail and social contructionism theory from Peter L. Berger dan Thomas Luckmen A qualitative approach by the methods of reception analysis are used to examine how viewers interpret the exploitation of females’s body in horor movie Suster Keramas Subject of this research is audience from Suster Keramas where the audience viewed not only as consumers of media content but also as a producer of meaning. Techniques of data collection by indepth interview. The results of this research indicate that as part of interpretive communities, the difference of making meaning among all research informants also influenced by social background and level of education also determine the views and arguments that support their opinions. Informants has various potensial decoding position in meaning horror movie Suster Keramas. Informants who like Suster Keramas interpret this movie as an entertaining movie (dominant reading). But most of the informants choose to be negosiatif (negotiated reading). They accept the dominant code offered by horor movie Suster Keramas but are also critical in accordance with their framework. While those doing readings radically (oppositional reading) argue that such exploitation of female’s body contained in this movie is not feasible in an Indonesia horror movie. The result of this research also shows that today society is more critical in addressing the horror movies in circulation at this time like horror movie Suster Keramas. Keywords: interpretation, reception analysis, horror movie

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