EKSISTENSI TELEVISI LOKAL (Kasus: Eksistensi TVKU Dalam Kompetisi Industri Penyiaran)

RINOWATI N.A, RINOWATI N.A (2012) EKSISTENSI TELEVISI LOKAL (Kasus: Eksistensi TVKU Dalam Kompetisi Industri Penyiaran). Undergraduate thesis, Ilmu Komunikasi FISIP UNDIP.



ABSTRACT Since the implementation of decentralization broadcasting that given permit for local television to exist, as provided in broadcasting regulations No.32 year 2002 was given impact to quantity of local television become more growth. However, growths of quantity have not followed with growth of quality, because there are lots of local television cannot exist as its journey until it closed or bankrupt. This was due, because inability of local television to compete in broadcasting industry. One reasons that make local television cannot run properly because the regulation of network station system (SSJ) not work well, thus causing local television should face to face with nation television and centered advertising in Jakarta. This study has been conducted in order to know the existence of local television, where in this case the study was done in local television TVKU that have differentiation objective with other as education TV. Study case method are applied to gathering picture of condition TVKU as business entity, include with its effort to keep the existence. Result of this study is showed if TVKU as local commercial television still have trouble with the “heavy” of competence or competition in broadcasting television. As business entity, TVKU still lose. This is because advertising access is still centered in Jakarta. To keep the existence and fix its conditions, TVKU try to run many strategies such as; synergy between TVKU with Suara Merdeka, enhance the positioning, programming, improve the quality of technic and Human resource, produce many blocking time program, etc. Academic implications of this study are strengthening the theory of Politic Economic Media about control and keep social media lives that act by TVKU. While the practically implications is suggest that TVKU to strengthens its strategy, but with considering the function and its social responsibilities to the public. Increase the activity off air and diversification or joint venture can make alternative of TVKU to improve the source income. In general also suggested the existence of advocacy to escort the enforcement of network station system (SSJ) policy, so that local television in Indonesia able to growth. While for today conditions, is suggested for local television to cooperation by linking with other local television so that they can develop its programs.

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