Pola Komunikasi Suami Istri, Kasus Istri Memiliki Independensi Finansial

Rianto, Wisnu Eko (2012) Pola Komunikasi Suami Istri, Kasus Istri Memiliki Independensi Finansial. Undergraduate thesis, Komunikasi FISIP UNDIP.



A wife who work does not need to rely on her husband financially. This independence is then suppose to be a force for women to male dominance as people put husband as the head of the family who are responsible for economic needs. Selfconcept so embedded in mind a wife and husband against their spouse. The wife’s independent is affect to the communication pattern, which made the wife became a decision maker in home by her finance independent. Differences revenue are not inevitable and often become sensitive issues in the household for the husband should be able to meet a financial obligation while his wife is able to fulfill the need. The purpose of this study was to determine how the pattern of marital communication with his wife as a career woman. Specifically, the study sought to describe the experience of seeing marital communication and the communication pattern with the wife's condition has financial independence. The research is based on the phenomenon of working wives and using phenomenology approach. Phenomenological approach to see how a couple with this condition. Patterns of communication between husband and wife is framed through Relational Dialectics Theory. In marital relationship with wife as a career woman encountered a tension between the desire to dominate and yield, the desire to be independent (independent) and bonded, as well as openness and closed on a particular issue. The results of this study indicate that the couple chose to segment and integration the dialectic. The impact is a balanced and mutually respectful communication. Wife considers the income as common property for the benefit of the entire family as well as to receive and cover the shortfall husbands, while husbands still do their role. Couples tend to be more open in communication especially in relation to family policy, but more careful in discussing financial issues. In the end everything is trying to lose the ego to achieve the goals of each family and the comfort of its members. Keyword: career women, dialectics, communication pattern, self-concept

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