PEREMPUAN MASKULIN DALAM SINETRON : (Analisis Resepsi Karakter Maskulin Tokoh Utama Perempuan Protagonis Dalam Sinetron “Dewa”)

Soekmadewi, Rr. Mariza Dwi (2012) PEREMPUAN MASKULIN DALAM SINETRON : (Analisis Resepsi Karakter Maskulin Tokoh Utama Perempuan Protagonis Dalam Sinetron “Dewa”). Undergraduate thesis, Komunikasi FISIP UNDIP.



ABSTRACT Soap opera synonymous with women, lately increasing and even had become a trend for women to use the name soap opera titles. Reason practical and easy to remember a major factor. But with the large number of soap operas that appear on the television screen, generally feature story concerning the suffering of a woman, sadness or adversity woman even there scenes of violence against women. This is unfortunate since women are victims and women also serve as an object. Therefore, the purpose of this study to determine the interpretation of the viewer to the masculine character of the female lead protagonist in the soap opera “Dewa”. This type of research is a qualitative method of analysis using the reception. The technique of collecting data through in-depth interviews to a number of informants were selected. The theory underlying this research is sociological theory and feminist standpoint theory and combining with the proposed Television Culture by John Fiske to analyze the data. From this study showed that, Dewa is a tomboyish female figures, masculine, active in the work. Although she was a woman, but Dewa was able to undergo profession as construction workers and journalists. Informants also explained that women do not always be in the domestic sphere, women are able to balance its position with men. Seen from the profession by Dewa. Televisions are generally slip and help the spread of the ideology of patriarchy, precisely with the character Dewa in this soap opera, is able to inform the women of today are able to move the wheels of the emancipation of women. Women who work well, are not oppressed by men and women who are independent. Some informants also results in interpretation, that the negotiated reading, god profession as construction laborers are considered heavy when done by a woman, However, other informants did not consider this to be a problem. Advice can be given in this study include soap opera maker more creative in making impressions of a soap opera, soap opera that tells the story of an independent woman, a successful worker is a form of the emancipation of women. Soap opera should not always 'sell' to capitalize sorrow, deterioration of a woman, and women who serve as the object of the problems in the soap opera. Keywords: Analysis reception, soap opera, Woman, Masculine

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