Anita , Nurfida and Ika , Nawang Puspitawati (2011) PEMBUATAN MALTODEKSTRIN DENGAN PROSES HIDROLISA PARSIAL PATI SINGKONG MENGGUNAKAN ENZIM -AMILASE. Technical Report. Diponegoro University.

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Maltodextrin is partial hydrolysis product from tapioca starch using acid and enzyme catalyst. The aim of this research are to investigate various variables which influence in hydrolysis process with enzymatic method and observed changes in physical and chemical characteristic of maltodextrin. The production of maltodextrin include in three step, (1) preparation, (2) dextrin formation (dextrinization), and (3) product analysist. Dextrin formation consist of two phase, there are gelatinization and liquefaction phase which is done by mixing in certain time. Control variables in this research include : operation temperature, strring speed, CaCl2 need, and enzyme concentration. Independent variables such as pH (6 ; 7), operation time (60 ; 90 ; 120 minutes) and concentration starch (12 ; 14 ; 16 ; 18% w/v). Product are then analyzed by calculating Dextrose Equivalent (DE) value based on United States Patents no. 6054302 (2000), the yield obtained by calculation according to Coulson & Richardson (1983), sweeling power analysis based on the method of Leach (1959), and % solubility using the method of Kainuma (1967). Result obtained from this research is maltodextrin with Dextrose Equivalent value (DE) maximum at 19.59, and it is known that the longer time dextrinization the greater the value of maltodextrin DE generated. But this is inversely proportional to the increase in starch concentration and pH of the solution that produces a smaller DE values. Percentage solubility and swelling power is influenced by interactions between starch concentration, dextrinization time, and pH of the solution.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Dextrose Equivalent (DE), enzyme =-amilase, partial hydrolysis, maltodextrin
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