Indah , Purnamasari and Happy , Januarti (2011) PENGARUH HIDROLISA ASAM-ALKOHOL DAN WAKTU HIDROLISA TERHADAP SIFAT TEPUNG TAPIOKA. Technical Report. Diponegoro University. (Unpublished)

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Restricted natural starch in the industry because the characteristics are not soluble in cold water, too sticky, acid treatment was not resistant, long cooking time, the paste is formed loud and not clear. For that need modification that has better characteristics and in accordance with specifications in the industry. This study aims to determine the effect of HCl-methanol treatment and operation time of physical and chemical properties of starch such as solubility (solubility), swelling power, and temperature gelatinasi. In this research, modifications to the acid-alcohol, using HCl and methanol. Addition of methanol aims to influence the crystal regions in starch granules by making it more amorphous and more easily done hydrolysis of tapioca asam.Tepung didispersi with methanol and then added HCl. Variable equipment includes: operating temperature (54 º C), rotation speed stirrer (scale of 7 = 1080 rpm), and the needs of methanol (100 ml). As for the independent variable is the volume of HCl (1 ml, 2 ml, 3 ml) and operation time (1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours). The product was then analyzed by analysis of swelling power based on the method of Leach (1959),% solubility using the method of Kainuma (1967)., And calculate the temperature gelatinasi. The optimum result obtained shows solubility, swelling power and temperature gelatinasi respectively by 7.2%, 3.8% and 430C. The more the volume of HCl is added and the longer time of hydrolysis, the greater the percent solubility and swelling power generated. But this is inversely proportional to the temperature generated gelatinasi. The percentage of solubility and swelling power influenced the interaction between the volume of HCl addition and time of hydrolysis. Increasing the percentage of solubility is directly proportional to the swelling power and inversely proportional to the temperature gelatinasi.

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