Ana , Zussiva, and Bertha , Karina Lauren, and C. , Sri Budiyati (2012) EKSTRAKSI DAN ANALISIS ZAT WARNA BIRU (Anthosianin) DARI BUNGA TELANG (Clitoria Ternatea) SEBAGAI PEWARNA ALAMI. JURNAL TEKNOLOGI KIMIA DAN INDUSTRI, 1 (1). pp. 356-365. ISSN Diponegoro University

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Needs of dyes in the food processing industry is increasing. In Indonesia a potential source of color-producing pigments derived from natural sources like flowers is still not fully utilized because of the process are still traditional. Blue natural dyes is hard to derived. Telang flower (Clitoria ternatea) is one source of blue pigment or usually called as anthocyanins. Anthocyanin are the pigments of the flavonoid group of water-soluble, colored red to blue and is widespread in plants. Mainly found in fruits and flowers, but also found on the leaves.The purpose of this study was to study the effect of solute-solvent ratio, extraction time and extraction temperature on the absorbance value (wavelength) extract, knowing the operating conditions (ratio of solute-solvent, temperature and time) extraction of the dye produced, as well as studying the effect of pH and storage conditions on stability of the dye. The research was conducted through three steps; extraction of anthocyanins from flowers Telang, spectrophotometry test, and concentration with the membrane. This study uses a variable solute-solvent ratio of 15/500, 15/550, 15/600, 15/650 and extraction temperature 30,40,50,60, and 70 oC. Both of these data can be used to deduce the best extraction conditions. Besides the stability test data be obtained from measurements made with the absorbance value of storage at temperatures 30oC, and 10 ° C; storage at pH 2,3,4,5; storage exposed to light, and in a dark room. . Based on research conducted, optimal extraction process is done by comparison of flower and water telang 15:500, at a temperature of 60oC. The concentration of anthocyanin in the flower extract telang is 6.35 mg / L. Optimum storage conditions are in pH 2-4, temperature 10 ° C, and protected from light exposure. The use of solvents above 500 ml of solvent resulted in excess so it will not be able to dissolve more anthocyanin and the extraction condition above 70oC causes the degradation of anthocyanins, both of these things lead to lower absorbance values.

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