TheForgeryDetectionbyTestingRound Optical JasmineOilUse Polarimeter WXG-4

KURNIAWATI, WAHYU (2012) TheForgeryDetectionbyTestingRound Optical JasmineOilUse Polarimeter WXG-4. Undergraduate thesis, Undip.

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Essential oils are a volatile oil (volatile oil) usually consists of organic compounds alcohols, aldehydes, ketones and short-chain. One example is the oil of jasmine essential oil. The content of essential oils in jasmine flowers is a commodity that can be categorized as an exclusive commodity. Due in 1 liter of absolute jasmine flowers can reach the price of 30 million dollars. However, to obtain raw materials jasmine oil is very expensive. As a result, many producers who have forged the essential oils of jasmine oil in particular by adding a variety of chemicals as a mixture to obtain mixing jasmine oil. Falsification of jasmine oil can be detected by analyzing the optical rotation on oil by using a polarimeter WXG-4. In practical use jasmine oil 10ml, 20ml, 20ml as a control variable and kerosene as independent variables, with the volume of kerosene 0ml, 1ml, 2ml, 3ml and 4ml. Observations made until there is a dark light on the polarimeter. Analysis of optical rotation is obtained, after the impurity coupled with kerosene, then the value will further increase the optical rotation. Optical rotation of pure jasmine oil according to SNI for +1.47. One of the approaches analyzed jasmine oil jasmine oil which was originally derived from Pati. Pure jasmine oil which was analyzed without the addition of kerosene obtained optical rotation of +1°. However, when coupled with 1ml kerosene, oils optical rotation value increased to +2 ° jasmine and the addition of kerosene with 2ml obtained optical rotation value becomes +2.5 °. From the graph the equation that comes close is the polynomial x2 y = -0.1 + 0.96 x + 1.09 and the value of R2 = 0.995. Jasmine oil is used for the analysis of optical rotation have less than the SNI so jasmine oil is not feasible for export. Keywords: jasmine oil, polarimeters, optical rotation

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