Detection of Counterfeiting Ylang Oils With the Testing of Optical Rotation Using a Polarimeter WXG-4

HADI, SIGIT SUSILO (2012) Detection of Counterfeiting Ylang Oils With the Testing of Optical Rotation Using a Polarimeter WXG-4. Undergraduate thesis, Undip.

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Essential oils, also known as etheric oils (aetheric oil), essential oils, the oil fly, as well as aromatic oils, vegetable oils are a large group in the form of a viscous liquid at room temperature but easily evaporate so as to provide a distinctive aroma. One example is the oil ylang essential oils. The content of essential oils in ylang flower is a commodity that can be categorized asan exclusive commodity. Because of its priceakilo, ylang floweressentialoil can reach thepriceof 725,000 dollars. However, toobtain raw materials ylang oil isvery difficult.As a result, manyproducers who have forged the essential oil ylang oil in particularby addinga variety of chemicals as a mixture to obtaina mixture of ylang oil. Counterfeiting ylang oil can be detected by analyzing the optical rotation on oil by using a polarimeter WXG-4. In practical use 10 ml and 20 ml of ylang oils as a control variable and kerosene as a independen variables,with the volume of kerosene 0 ml,1 ml,2 ml,3 ml,4 ml and ylang essential oils to 10 ml,the observation until there is light on dark colors polarimeter. Analysis of optical rotation is obtained,after the impurity coupled with kerosene,then the value will further increase the optical rotation. Optical rotation of pure ylang oil according to ISO -19.Ylang pure oils was analyzed without the addion of optical rotation obtained for +5o.However,when coupled with 1ml kerosene, ylang oils opticalrotation value increasedto +6 °and the addition ofkerosene with 2ml obtained optical rotation value becomes +6,5 °. From the graph that comes close is a linear equation, y =0.7 +5.1 x and R ² =0.98. Ylang oils were used for analysis of optical rotation have greater than ISO .

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