Setyoko, Bambang (2006) ANALISA FREKUENSI ALAMI PADA BATANG KANTILEVER BERBEBAN. Gema Teknologi, 15 (2). pp. 71-73. ISSN 0852-0232



natural frequency analysis at cantilever stick with burden explain that the single degree of freedom ( DOF ) transient and steady-state forced response is fundamental to most vibration behavior, including impulse response. The frequency response function approach is emphasized in these development. Some nonlinier effects are also considered, since these effects often show up in testing. The free undumped vibration is characterized by the inertia force and spring force canceling one another. The vibration is natural frequency. The natural frequency is a property of the system and is independent of coordinates selected to describe the system as well as of units employed in formulating the equations. In this experiment we will look for caracteristic of vibration in loaded cantilever. The natural frequency is based on load distance ( x ), load value ( m + M ) and spring koeficien ( k ). The caracteristic can explained in diagram of correlation between load distance ( x ) and natural frequency ( fn . At x is 75 cm, we find fn is 2,45 Hz but at x is 30 cm, fn is 5,40 Hz. It means is decreasing load distance cause natural frequency is increase

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