Melacak Sejarah Pecinan Semarang Melalui Toponim

Titiek Suliyati, Titiek Melacak Sejarah Pecinan Semarang Melalui Toponim. Melacak Sejarah Pecinan Semarang Melalui Toponim .

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As an ancient region that has undergone economic, politic, social and cultural dynamics, Pecinan has an important role in city development history. Although a lot of changes have happened in Pecinan region some are still static. Chinese temples and the society cultural activities are perpetuated. Chinese temples comprises one of the cultural elements that identivy and strengthened the existence of Chinese society in Pecinan Semarang. Historical trace of a region through toponame is an interesting study. Since historical sources that have relation with the development of a region is limited, the writer’s creativity through interpretation of oral sources and print media can be an interesting reference. Through toponame study the development and changes of a road and kampong is easily traced, with the hope that the understanding that toponame identity is an effort of our ancestors to communicate road and kampong with their specialities and characteristics emerge.

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