Multiphasic Analysis of Growth Curve of Body Weight in Mice

Kurnianto, Edy and Shinjo, Akihisa and Suga, Daisuke (1999) Multiphasic Analysis of Growth Curve of Body Weight in Mice. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences, 12 (3). pp. 331-335. ISSN 1011-2367

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The present study describes the analysis of the multiphasic growth function (MGF) to body weight in laboratory and wild mice. Three genetic groups of laboratory mice (Mus musculus domesticus) designated CF#1, C3H/HeNCrj and C57BL/6NCrj, and a genetic group of Yonakuni wild mice (Mus musculus molassinus yonakuni, Yk) were used. Mean body weight of each genetic group-sex subclass from birth to 69 days of age taken at 3-day intervals were analyzed by a monophasic, diphasic and triphasic functions for describing growth patterns. A comparison among the three functjions of the MGF was based on the goodness-of-fit criteria : residual standard deviation (RSD), adjusted R-squrare (Adj R2) and Akaike`s information criterion (AIC). Result of this study indicated that body weight averaged heavier for males than for females. Among the four genetic groups within both sexes, CF#1 showed the highest, subsequent followed by C3H/HeNCrj, C57BL/6NCrj and Yk. Comparison among the three functions revealed that the triphasic function was the best fit to growth data, with the lowest RSD, the highest Adj R2 and the lowest AIC, for the four genetic groups. For the triphasic function, RSD within each genetic group-sex subclass was similar for males and females. ADJ R짼 was 0.999 for all genetic group-sex subclasses. AIC for laboratory mice males and females ranged from -70.48 to 66.50 and from -92.81 to -68.64, respectively ; whereas for Yk wild mice males was-78.42 and females -78.42. Keywords : Multiphasic Growth Function, Goodness-of-fit Criteria, Body Weight, Mice

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