Amalia, Fitri and Johan, Andrew (2011) EFEK FLUVASTATIN TERHADAP ALKALI FOSFATASE SERUM PADA TIKUS WISTAR YANG TERPAPAR ASAP ROKOK. Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Medicine.



Background: Cigarette smoke includes free radicals that cause inflamation process which can increase inflamation markers such as alcaline phosphatase (ALP) serum. Fluvastatin has anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting the secretion of the enzyme myeloperoxidase (MPO) secreted by activated neutrophils which produce serum ALP serum and decreased levels of inflammatory cytokines TNF-α, IL-1, IL-8, and total leukocytes and neutrophils in sepsis rat. Fluvastatin also has a pro-inflammatory effects that increase the levels of cytokine transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) resulting in activation of neutrophils. This study aims to determine the effect of serum ALP levels. Methods : This study is an experimental study with pre and post test only control group design. Rats that had undergone adaptation for 1 week were divided rendomly into 3 groups each 6 rats and induced by cigarette smoke. KA was given fluvastatin 5mg/kgBW, KB was given fluvastatin 10mg/kgBW, and K without fluvastatin per-oral. AlP levels is checked by spctrofotometry (unit/cc) before an after exposure by 2 cigarettes/days in 4 weeks. Normal distributes data were analized by One Way Annova test and data that were not normally distributed were analized by the Krusskal Wallis test Result: Difference in serum ALP levels before and after exposure to cigarette smoke K: 226.8; KA: 180.17; KB: 378.0 with p> 0.05 between groups C and KA and p <0.05 between KB and K and KA and KB. Conclusion: Fluvastatin can not inhibit the increase of ALP levels in wistar rats that were given exposure to 2 cigarettes/days for 4 weeks. Fluvastatin 5mg/kgBW had mean levels of serum ALP is smaller than the fluvastatin group and the control group 10mg/KgBB

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