Change and heritage in the Architecture of Omah Pencu Kudus Kudus Central Java Province Indonesia

Indriastjario, Indriastjario (2009) Change and heritage in the Architecture of Omah Pencu Kudus Kudus Central Java Province Indonesia. In: Seminar Internasional " NURI " , Ruang Seminar Gedung A Lt.3 Jurusan Arsitektur FT. Undip.

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Abstract— Indonesia which lays on Nusantara archipelago has vary of culture as well as architecture. The Famous Indonesian coastal traditional architecture called Omah Pencu Kudus is still exist, but getting change and will be lost in the near future. This research is aim to understand the change and heritage in the Architecture of Omah Pencu Kudus, Kota Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia. The research is done using descriptive analisys among several samples of Omah Pencu Kudus taken from around traditional ‘kampong’ area of Kota Kudus. The findings are : 1) the change occurred on the floor plan because of most of the residents has developed their “Omah Pencu Kudus” since the family size of household increased. So that, the floor plan was changing in order to fulfill the needs of room, especially bedrooms; 2) the development was still remains the main concept of traditional housing spatial hierarchy on floor plan arrangement of “jogosatru(public)- gedongan(private)-pawon(service)”; 3)the before-after performance of “façade” is quit similar, because the residents conserved the traditional structural system. The conclusions is the change in the Architecture of “Omah Pencu Kudus” occurred due to the pressure of needs (increasing household), but the change is still remains the heritage, these are traditional-philosophical concept, structural system concept and performance of ‘façade’. Keywords : development, traditional kampong, spatial hierarchy, family size, façade I - INTRODUCTION A. BACKGROUND The Indonesian people who have a diversity of traditions, culture and architecture of each region, especially in the coastal areas. One of the traditional architecture has the characteristic of a very interesting architecture and unique in the Kudus City, Central Java. One of the prominent works in the traditional architectural displays, self-image is unique and great is the Kudus Traditional Architecture, which is one of the cultural building Pesisiran area. 1st Indriastjario, Ir.,M.Eng, Jurusan Arsitektur Fakultas Teknik Universitas Diponegoro Semarang, Jl. Prof Soedarto Tembalang Semarang, Telp. 024-7470690, Fax. 024 76480836, email : Traditional architecture, especially in the Kudus City "Pencu Omah Kudus" is a well-known architecture and still encountered. Along with the development then the Architecture "Omah Pencu Kudus" also undergone dramatic changes. For the few thoughts about the maintenance of the application form and decoration of traditional sacred houses, especially the cultural environment of traditional regional architecture of the house Kudus, is expected to assist in preventing the extinction of the traditional home to face the swift currents of change. B. PURPOSE to understand the ways to analyze and expose the concept of form and decoration, traditional houses Kudus and the changes that occur in the present, in connection with the design aspects of architecture such as functional aspects, aspects of power / construction and aesthetic aspects, so they can get donations thought to be used in order to adjust the use of architecture so that the Kudus Pencu Omah maintained its sustainability. C. METHOD Method to be used of this research is descriptive-analysis method, namely by making the field data, literature and the resource person, then conducted analyzing the findings that have to be used to take and get a conclusion II - REVIEW OF PESISIRAN TRADITIONAL ARCHITECTURE IN CENTRAL JAVA PROVINCE Geographically, Central Java is not very large, but it is factual in this area are spread out some work of national cultural heritage, including heritage in which traditional architecture. Traditional architecture described in this paper that traditional architecture is located in Central Java Province, particularly in the area pesisiran. Description of the architecture or the art building located in Central Java Province, can be classified into two types namely: Coastal Architecture and Architecture Negarigung. Culture that is on the cities north coast of Java island they call the northern coastal culture, this culture includes areas cirebon Indramayu-west, and the Kudus is located on the East coast or Wetan. Residents of this coastal area is generally Puritan religion of Islam (unlike Negarigung culture, which is a mixture of Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic movements, including kebatinannya). Social culture is strongly influenced by the Islamic religion,

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