The utilization of Peanut Skin Become Pyrolysis Process Using Liquid Smoke In order for the Preservation of Meatballs

MAULIDA, NISA (2011) The utilization of Peanut Skin Become Pyrolysis Process Using Liquid Smoke In order for the Preservation of Meatballs. Undergraduate thesis, Undip.



Pyrolysis is a process of chemical decomposition of organic material through a heating process with little or no oxygen or other reagents, where the raw material will experience a chemical solution into the gas phase structures. The material used is biomass (organic material) which is the production of living beings. In this lab, we will perform an experiment to produce liquid smoke from the skin of peanuts using a Pyrolysis. The tool is equipped with a Pyrolysis Furnace albakos, tar container, condenser, vacuum, and gas stoves. The variables used are divided into two namely fixed and variable independent variable. Fixed variable used is the weight of material used while shooting the independent variables is liquid smoke for 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours. The results of experiments and calculations, the experimental pyrolysis of peanut skin for 3 hours of the experiment. The results of experiments minutes to 60, 120, and 180 obtained specific gravity 0.934 gr / ml, 0.93 gr / ml, and 0.915 gr / ml for its viscosity in a row is 2.04 cp, cp 1.78, and 1.7 cp. The resulting volume is 180ml, 150ml, and 100ml. Ph 5, 4, and 4. From these experiments can be concluded that the longer burning time peanut skin, the less the volume of liquid smoke is produced, so that the lower the density and viscosity. Likewise with yieldnya the lower levels. This is because the volume of the resulting liquid smoke less and also the dirt entrained. Not only that volume is increasing slightly with the length of time caused by the resulting liquid smoke come with water condensed. And also charcoal burning has been exhausted so that no smoke is absorbed to condensed. Then the experiment is applied for preservation substitute borax on meatballs. Where the same shelf life as long as five days.

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