Color Nutrient Stability Testing of Pandanus (Pandanus amaryllifolius) Using Spectrophotometer

NASHIRUDIN, MUH YAHYA (2011) Color Nutrient Stability Testing of Pandanus (Pandanus amaryllifolius) Using Spectrophotometer. Undergraduate thesis, Undip.



Pandanus leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius) Is a species of monocotyl plant from the family Pandanaceae. The leaves are an important component in traditional Indonesian cuisine and South-East Asian countries other as natural coloring. Pandan leaves can produce the green color because of the pigment chlorophyll. On this research focused on finding the temperature optimum to extracting the pandan leaves with water as solvent to determine the stability of pigments in a variety of conditions. This research consisting of two steps. First step to extract the pigment pandan leaves with water as solven on various temperatures (300C, 400C, 500C, 600C, 700C, 800C, and 900C). Step II is to test the stability of the pigments produced in various conditions. Research results showed that pigment extraction from pandan leaves (Pandanus amaryllifolius) at a temperature of 900C produces pigment extracts with the highest color intensity valuesabsorbance 0.995. Characterization results in a lot of pigment is as follows: (1) pH influence, more lower the pH will make higher the value of absorbance. (2) Oxydator influence, after the addition of H2O2 oxydator more time extract color observations will fade and the absorbance also coming down. (3) Storage conditions influence, at room temperature decreased the intensity of color and value absorbance, but in cold condition (in refrigerator) experienced an appreciation absorbance. (4) Sun shine influence, the longer the drying in the sun will ever increase the value absorbance. (5) The influence of light rays, after a day of irradiation with light will rise absorbance value, but when it continued to experience a slight decrease. Keywords: extraction, pandan leaf, pigment

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