Development of Saw Dust Into Bio-oil Using Pyrolysis Process

ASTRIANI, LENY DEWI (2011) Development of Saw Dust Into Bio-oil Using Pyrolysis Process. Undergraduate thesis, Undip.



Pirolisasi is a process of chemical decomposition of organic material through a heating process with little or no oxygen or other reagents, where the raw material will experience a chemical solution into the gas phase structures. The material used is biomass (organic material) which is the production of living beings. In this lab, we will perform an experiment to produce liquid smoke from sawdust using a Pyrolysis. Pyrolysis tool is equipped with a furnace albakos, tar container, condenser, vacuum, and gas stoves. The variables used are classified into two variables fixed and variable changes. Fixed variable used is the time and volume of material used while the changing variable is the type of materials used in each experiment. The results of experiments and calculations, the trial pirolisa sawdust 3-hour experiment. The results of experiments minutes to 60, 120, and 180 obtained by density are 0,904 gr/ml, 0,896 gr/ml, and 0,800 gr/ml, while for the viscosity in a row are 0,278 cp, 0,236 cp, and 0,210 cp. The resulting volume of 70 ml, 30 ml and 11 ml and pH obtained for 2, 3, and 2. From these experiments can be concluded that the longer burning time sawdust then the less liquid smoke obtained. So that the density and viscosity will fall on the downside as well. Likewise, the lower the levels yieldnya. This is because the condition is over saturated so that the volume of liquid smoke decreased. Likewise density and viscosity.

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