Color Stability Testing of Mangosteen Skin (Gracinia mangostana L) Using Spectrophotometer

ANDINI, FISKA MEILOVETIA (2011) Color Stability Testing of Mangosteen Skin (Gracinia mangostana L) Using Spectrophotometer. Undergraduate thesis, Undip.



Mangosteen Fruit (Garcinia mangostana) are tropical fruit that have a lot of advantages that another fuits. One of mangosteen fruit part that can be utilized is its rind, which is as producer of nature pigment. Mangosteen skin (Garcinia mangostana L.) can be used as colouration nature of food because its can resulting purple by anthosianin pigment as cyanidin 3 sophoroside, and cyanidin 3 glucoside. On this research is emphasized on temperature optimum for extracting mangosteen rind pigment with solven water and to know that pigment stability on condition sort. This research consisting of two steps. firs step to extract mangosteen skin pigment with water as a solven on various temperature (30 ˚C, 40 ˚C, 50 ˚C, 60 ˚C, 70 ˚C, 80 ˚C, and 90 ˚C ), then membrane filtration is used for makes more concentrate its product by using Reverse Osmosis membrane type. Step II is test resulting pigment stability on condition sort. The Result observationaling to point out that pigment extraction of mangosteen skin (Garcinia mangostana) on temperature 90˚C get pigment extract that have supreme color intensity with it maximal consentrase 802. The results of the characterization of dyes in various circumstances are as follows: (1) Effect of pH, the higher the level of acidity is also higher consentrase values. (2) Effect of oxidizing agents, after the addition of oxidizing agents H2O2, the longer observation time will fade the color extract and consentrace values are also on the downside. Key words : extraction; membrane filtration; mangosteen; pigment

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