Indrakusumo Radityo Harsritanto, Bangun and Dwiyanto, Agung (2009) POTENTIAL SHRINE of SAM POO KONG as A CULTURAL TOURISM ASSET SEMARANG. In: Seminar Internasional " NURI " , Ruang Seminar Gedung A Lt.3 Jurusan Arsitektur FT. Undip.

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Abstract— Regions Shrine "Sam Poo Kong" is a cultural tourism assets that were very interested in the tourists, like in some European countries. In these countries, the potential for such worship area is organized and arranged to attract the flow of tourists both local and overseas. Semarang as one of the major cities in Central Java also has a region Shrine "Sam Poo Kong" is interesting and historical value bercitra unique culture. Regions Shrine "Sam Poo Kong" can also be used as a tourist destination among the few attractions of Central Java. Assets of the city's urban heritage, culture and infrastructure artefact invaluable, besides a part of the past and the culture of the city is also a priceless tourism potential in the present and future. But unfortunately, such a huge asset in the form of old buildings that have high architectural value has not been optimized benefits can be made again sehingga.untuk activities in the region Shrine "Sam Poo Kong" is one of segaai tourism assets, especially its cultural activities as one potential in supporting the activities of cultural tourism in the city of Semarang, the need for a tourism promotion strategy right. With the hope that in the framework of this regional autonomy of Semarang city government will be able to increase revenue through the city of Semarang tourism sector is. Keywords: Shrine "Sam Poo Kong", Tourism, Culture. I. INTRODUCTION Semarang as one of the city in the northern coastal areas of Central Java expand fast enough. This city grew into the center of social activity and cultural economy that are important to surrounding areas. In general, the Chinese community that dominates the majority of economic activities in the city of Semarang Semarang thus have the potential to Chinatown and interesting enough. Some areas Shrine "Sam Poo Kong" which can bring quite a lot of tourists are pagoda, residential areas, commercial areas, the Chinese community religious attractions. So far, tourists visiting the temple in Semarang scattered, mostly from foreign countries, there were not many, but this is an indication that the object 'pagoda' is 1 Jurusan Arsitektur Fakultas Teknik Universitas Diponegoro Semarang, Jl. Prof Soedarto Tembalang Semarang, Telp. 024-7063999, Fax. 024 7063888, email : nuri.undip@gmail.com. 2 Jurusan Arsitektur Fakultas Teknik Universitas Diponegoro Semarang, Jl. Prof Soedarto Tembalang Semarang, Telp. 024-7063999, Fax. 024 7063888, email : nuri.undip@gmail.com. attractive to tourists. While local tourists who come for day trips usually come at the performance of religious festivals and celebrations are held periodically. Cultural Tourism is one of the most interesting activities and can be done in various parts of the city in the world. This is because the temple area "Sam Poo Kong" has the image and distinctive character compared with areas other. In the city of Semarang Shrine tourism potential in the region other than the very famous Chinatown is the Sam Poo Kong temple. Chinatown in Semarang area, there's pagoda and other trade areas as well as market New Gang settlements surrounded by Chinese people. This condition is actually a pretty big opportunity, especially when the objects are packed into a package tour of Chinatown is supported by other activities that could attract tourists. Thus, in the framework of regional autonomy, the government of Semarang city through tourism sector can contribute positively to the region and community. HISTORY OF REGIONS SHRINE "SAM POO KONG" IN SEMARANG Sam-Poo-Kong is one of the religious complex of religious buildings in Indonesia's oldest historic, complex pagoda Sam-Poo-Kong is located in the city of Semarang. This building has the character of Chinese culture is very strong, because it was originally established by the Chinese rulers who came to this country that are used in residential as well as a means of worship for the followers. When this complex is not only for places of worship but also open to the public where the public can visit in it. The existence of this temple complex that is creating a worship that allows people to go there with the easiest way and not confusing. It also creates an atmosphere that supports a person feel welcome and comfortable in the area

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