Setiyawati, Heni (2009) RANCANG BANGUN SINGLE CHANNEL ANALYZER (SCA) PADA SPEKTROMETER RADIASI NUKLIR. Undergraduate thesis, Department of Physics, Diponegoro University.



Have been designed a Single Channel Analyzer (SCA) for the spectrometer of the nuclear. This Single Channel Analyzer (SCA) function as Pulse High Analyzer (PHA) with maximum range of high pulse that can be analyze is 10 Volt. Single Channel Analyzer (SCA) which have been made consisted of four part that is Discriminator sequence, Anti Coinsidence, Pulse width shape and Push pull. Discriminator sequence consisted of the Upper Level and Lower Level. This LL and UL function to choosen high pulse which enter to the sequence, pulse passing LL and or UL will be got away to next sequence. Anti Coinsidence sequence process pulse output from UL and LL, this sequence only overcoming pulse passing LL but still undersize to pass the UL and hold up the incoming pulse from LL and UL concurrently. Pulse width shape sequence function to determine pulse width. While Push pull sequence result the positive and negative pulse. Result of research by using generator pulse as pulse source, indicate that Single Channel Analyzer (SCA) can work for discriminate of pulse. From research result SCA in the spectrometer of the nuclear with radiation source of Co60 obtained energy (1162.12 ± 29.422)keV and (1309.28 ±36.778)keV.

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Uncontrolled Keywords:Single Channel Analyzer (SCA), spectrometer of the nuclear, pulse
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