Agung Prihatama, Novanda (2011) STRATEGI HUMAS POLDA JATENG DALAM MEMBANGUN HUBUNGAN BAIK DENGAN MEDIA. Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.



PR has a major role in the functional and operational in an effort to communicate the information / publishing to internal and external public about policies that are good and beneficial to society at large, because the system performance is conducted by government agencies serve and protect the public with the best for the welfare of society. PR perform the function of communication with a harmonious relationship with external stakeholders ie, print and electronic journalists (media relations). The media has the power to shape public opinion. PR incompetence in dealing with the media, it will cause the news is not favorable for the organization of a negative image. The purpose of this study is to describe the strategy of what is being done part of Central Java Police Public Relations in building good relations with the media.Communication strategy is a blend of the communication plan (communication planning) with the management of communication (communication management).Strategy is the overall approach to a program or campaign, the strategy is also a coordinating factor, which became the guiding principle, the main idea and tactical thinking behind the program, according to Anne Gregory (2004: 2). Data collection tool was interviews with Kasubbid Documentation and Publication and external stakeholders. media relations activities in the form of a press conference; press releases; interactive dialogue, a press room; gatherings; newspaper clippings; press tour; special event; media visits but a public relations media relations activity to do needed improvements include the programs implemented, not all employees know, when implementing the media relations every year the budget is not fixed interfere with the implementation, and system services to the public, and the lack of information disclosure to reporters. Central Java Police Public Relations has conducted activities according to phases of the procedure. However, in operations still find problems, which still lack the presence of journalists on the information provided by the agency and the absence of a suggestion box or criticism in the public relations function to accommodate the aspirations of the journalists. So far the media relations activities undertaken by the Central Java Police Public Relations practitioners have worked, quite well and in accordance with the objectives planned by the company.

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