Hening P, Hayu and Hanifah, Riza (2011) PROJECT PEMBUATAN MEDIA INTERNAL FISCOMM ( FISIP COMMUNITY ). Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences .



Internal media of internal communication media within an organization or company. Internal media published for purposes of internal organization, especially public organizations. The goal for the internal public are informed about policies and activities implemented company. So the vision and mission can be conveyed best through internal media. Thus, internal media publishing is a communication activities to meet the interests of the two parties, organizations or corporate interests and the interests of public internal. The title of the internal media Fisip Undip is "FIScomm" which stands for Community Fisip which could have a meaning that is, a container or means consisting of a large family Fisip Undip that serves as a medium aspiration, input, opinions, information, entertainment, and certainly also related policies Fisip Undip, as well as information that is instructive and informative, fresh and up to date. Internal media FIScomm is an internal media published every three months. Powered by a design that is not monotonous, colourfull, design and artwork, namely the combination of the abstract artwork and photo illustration. The content of our magazine is 40% under the theme of the organization, 20% and 40% non-organization of entertainment. The content of our magazine are: Cover, non-commercial advertising, editorial notes, content (content), image branding, technology, education, reviews, top news, inspiring, information, culinary, fashion, inboxmail, articles, travel. In making the internal medium, the writer served as editor as well as reporters. An editor assigned to conduct the process of editing (editing), an opinion editorial, proposing and writing news / photos to be loaded, giving direction to all the editorial team of the news that will be loaded on every issue, directing and fostering reporter in search of news and catch up news sources , determine the appropriateness of a news, photos, and design for a publishing house, planning the content for each issue, develop, nurture, build a lobby with news sources. While the task is to find a reporter and news sources are assigned to interview the editor, write the interview. Internal media FIScomm still far from perfection, so we desperately need the criticism and constructive suggestions from readers.

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