Representasi Nasionalisme Dalam Olah Raga (Kajian Terhadap Film Garuda di Dadaku)

Nurkholis, Nurkholis (2011) Representasi Nasionalisme Dalam Olah Raga (Kajian Terhadap Film Garuda di Dadaku). Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.



Film is a medium that is able to represent reality in a wide-screen frame. Garuda di Dadaku film is a film that tries to present the reality of a sense of nationalism citizens through sports facilities and then try to bring it back through a movie. This study aims to find representation sports nationalism in the film Garuda di Dadaku. The theory used in this study is the representation theory of Stuart Hall. About how the production of meaning of concepts that exist in our minds through language. This study used a qualitative approach with a semiotic analysis of Roland Barthes who tried to uncover the meaning behind a sign, to investigate and examine the signs of the Garuda di Dadaku film. The results of this study indicate that the Garuda di Dadaku film shows a representation of nationalism is marked by several things including: unity (unity), freedom (liberty), equality (equality), personality (individuality), achievement (performance), which can be viewed through the signs such as dialogue, costumes, performances, or images that exist in the film. Nationalism tries to be represented through sport, in this case is football. Nationalism is also trying to be displayed in the form of children, especially urban children, and nationalism can also give birth racism. This is because nationalism is expressed in the wrong way, through love of exaggeration. Suggested to the producers for more movies to make movies with the theme of nationalism is felt still less than the themes of the other films. Keywords: Representation, Nationalism, Sports, and Children

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