Akomodasi Komunikasi dalam Interaksi Antarbudaya (Kasus Perantau yang Berasal dari Daerah Banyumasan dalam Mengomunikasikan Identitas Kultural)

Salsabila, Hanum (2011) Akomodasi Komunikasi dalam Interaksi Antarbudaya (Kasus Perantau yang Berasal dari Daerah Banyumasan dalam Mengomunikasikan Identitas Kultural). Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.



Interactions between different people is a phenomena which is happened in society. From that phenomena, we have to observe the communication between people from Banyumasan territories to another. Cultural identity of Banyumasan people identical with Ngapak-ngapak dialect is special and known as amusing dialect. The lack of ability people to understand kind of different culture occurrs the problems of intercultural communication. This research is supported by Communication Accomodation Theory, one of intercultural adaptation is about adapting process into cultural identity. That process is not always positive if it occurred the anxiety to communicate the cultural identity. The methodology of this research is using qualitative type and phenomenological approach. This approach is try to explore the experience of voluntary migrants from Banyumasan territories to communicate their cultural identity deeply. The data obtained by indepth interview, and after it collected, then it is described into textural, structural and combination both textural and structural. After that, the next step is analyzed and interpreted. The outcomes of this research shows us about self disclosure process in communicate the cultural identity is depend on setting of communication, relationship, gender and territority factors. The barriers that cause them to disclosure in different is because etnosentrism, mindlessness to understand the difference and also the stereotype of Ngapak ngapak dialect. Because of the people’s mindlessness to understand the unique of Ngapak-ngapak dialect, voluntary migrants from Banyumasan territories avoid to communicate the dialect. Implication of this research in academic side is exploring theories interrelated with communication accommodation to contribute communication study research. The thought which is explored by this research is people who have weak cultural identity would try to accommodate another people who have strong cultural identity. In practice, cultural identity like to influence the sense of proud people to communicate their cultural identity. Having sense of proud to cultural identity is a proper. But, if over proud, the etnosentrism will be happened which is a part of intercultural communication constraint. In social implication side, by experiences from this research, it can be a reference for voluntary migrants to keep the proud sense of their cultural identity, but not to be over and not to view another cultural identity is less than their own. Key Words : Ngapak-ngapak Dialect, Communication Accomodation, Cultural Identity

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