Konstruksi Media Terhadap Pansus Century (Analisis Framing Atas Berita-Berita Mengenai Pansus Century di Kompas dan Jawa Pos)

Prihandini P, Fransiska (2011) Konstruksi Media Terhadap Pansus Century (Analisis Framing Atas Berita-Berita Mengenai Pansus Century di Kompas dan Jawa Pos). Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.



Media in Indonesia often produce the story of Pansus Century also the issues and events that occurred within it into its headlines. In the other hand, media has a role in defining reality. In this construction’s view, fact is a product of reality construction. Approachment of constructionist’s view has its own observation on how media, journalist, and the text seen. Whether it recognizes or not, media had done reality construction in some certain frames, that it sometimes could be bias in their understanding. Media is also capturing the events that occurred in Pansus Century into news frames. Researcher had been trying to understand how Pansus Century media news framing, also the events and issues that occurred and developed surrounding it. Kompas and Jawa Pos are the chosen media, which categorize as the top national media and they often took news of Pansus Century into their headlines. This research contains of so many news from November 5, 2009 until March 5, 2010. The research method is framing analysis, it uses Zhongdang Pan, and Gerald M. Kosicki model of data analyze framing technique. This model has micro structural and rhetoric elements and adapts linguistic approachment which including elements like words using, structure choosing, and words forms that arguing how some events has been framed. The result of this research is Kompas produced twenty (20), Jawa Pos produced fifteen (15) different news frames about Pansus Century, and sometimes they connected each other’s. The results had shown two more things that are important. First, both of Kompas and of Jawa Pos highlighting particular events, statements, and persons, are regarding as more important by media to support their own ideas. On the contrary, both of this media excluding some events, statements, and realities, which are viewed as less important and do not have association with the media’s ideology. Second, both of them are inconsistent in framing their own news. Media cannot really be trusted. The different framings also show the opposites point of view with their own first thought. Therefore, media’s act about issues became blurring. The passage above shows that media was unbelievable in showing daily facts. Besides that kind of media framing production, there is no one knows what is actually happens in Pansus Century investigation or what is actually happens beyond the decisions of Century bailout, etc. Key words: media, construction, framing analysis, Pansus Century

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