Kurniasari, Devia (2011) RESEPSI KHALAYAK TERHADAP KASUS K.H ZAINUDDIN MZ PADA GO SPOT RCTI. Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.



Success infotainment bind and take heart that is strong enough viewers can not be separated from the loosening of regulations in the television industry and the press freedom obtained after the New Order collapsed. Infotainment filled with celebrity news, the news through the infotainment experience such error-containing gossip, obscure facts, not instructive, raising sensational news, dramatizing, entered the private area so that violate journalistic ethics and rules. Go Spot RCTI including five in the category of infotainment, in the case of Zainuddin MZ Go proclaim Spot received complaints from the public because it is considered excessive, disproportionate, dramatized and presented continuously. This study aims to assess the study of meaning as intended by the media and public interpretation of the infotainment of news construction KH. Zainuddin MZ impressions Go Spot on RCTI. This type of research is a qualitative approach to the analysis of the reception, the audience viewed as producers of meaning not only be consumers of media content. Infotainment audience will interpret according to background, level of education and employment. This study uses encoding-decoding model of Stuart Hall to explain the course of encoding-decoding process infotainment. The results showed that the audience is active in interpreting the infotainment receives. Interpretation of the audience is divided into 3 positions pmeknaan the dominant reading, the audience make sense of infotainment in accordance with the preffered reading (meaning dominant). Negotiated reading, meaning that appear to be negosiatif, in the sense of meaning to the infotainment audience as a whole did not differ with the dominant meaning, but also not the same as the existing preferred reading and oppositional reading, that audiences interpret directly contrary to the preferred reading, the audience has a meaning that totally different from the dominant meaning. This research is very open to be studied from different viewpoints and methods and became the basis of further research, especially things about infotainment and active audience so as to increase the study of audience interpretation. Key Words: infotainment, celebrities, interpretation, reception

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