Bahasa Jawa sebagai Media Komunikasi Keluarga Jawa Masa Kini

Mudji Rahayu, Artati (2011) Bahasa Jawa sebagai Media Komunikasi Keluarga Jawa Masa Kini. Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.



Javanese Language as Javaneses’ mother tongue, nowadays, become quite unpopular as media communication even for mostly Javanese family. Javanese language is not only a verbal language, it has deep philosopy in every words. This study aims to reveal how Javanese family defined Javanese language and use it as daily media communication. This is qualitative research by using Symbolic Interactions theory that emphizise on mind, self and society. Meanwhile, Ethnography communication methods which including especially on participant observatory based on an unique socioculture. The result showed that parents has an important role in educating their children how to speak and what language should they used. Javanese parents have pretty good understanding about the essential and unggah-ungguh of Javanese Language. Nevertheless, they reluctantly taught children to use the right and good Javanese language moreover made it as a habit. As the result, diversion in the Javanese language application seems to be happened, Javanese Language called Ngoko supposed to be used by parents to children in contrary used freely by children. It has a tendency to impact parents and children behaviour. They both present bad manner, parent couldn’t control their anger while children have no respect to their parents. Because of that, it’s caused unharmonic family. This is the main thing triggered diversion on Javanese language as media communication, due to the neglectful of the communicators. Javanese Language consist of many symbols which represent Javanism (Kejawen) such as respect and harmonious. Those symbols reflect culture, custom, and social norms which tightly tied javanese people to act in good manner. Javanese language as a language which used in family communication has implication in social acceptance, in order to have full respect to everyone. The most important thing, people’s behaviour is related to their verbal language used everyday. Keywords: Symbolic Interactions, Javanese Language, unggah-ungguh, Javanese Family.

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