Patria Meilisa, Ajeng (2011) STRATEGI PUBLIC RELATIONS DALAM MEMBANGUN BRAND IMAGE TV ONE SEBAGAI TELEVISI BERITA. Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.



The research based on positioning Lativi which still unclear, it is seen from the positioning statement that in terms of demographics, tend to target viewers aged 20 years till 45 years, with market segmentation is the middle to lower. Lativi changes to tvOne, the composition of 70% news and 30% is a combination of sports and entertainment programs. Reason for the change to be a tv news would like to present impressions are able to inspire viewers to come forward and think positive without the element of fool. With the change in positioning the starting new, Reuters news programs still can not compete with television news program on another station positioning as television entertainment. Formulating the research problem is the researchers want to understand and evaluate how the implementation of activity - activity undertaken tvOne’s Public Relations in building and strengthening the tvOne’s image as a number one television news. Framework of this study using a model of communication Two-Way Symmetrical (Symmetrical Two-Way) which describes the campaign through a balanced two-way communication. This model can solve a conflict and are able to strategically improve public understanding. This study used a qualitative approach with case study method, and the type of research used is descriptive. Types of cases in this study were single case. Data collection techniques of this research uses interviews, observation, and literature study. The subjects of this study is the planning of public relations activities in building the brand image of tvOne as a television news. In this study used data analysis is also performed pairing patterns and coding techniques. The findings from this study that the planning process public relations activities conducted through stages that include, the stage of data discovery, planning, action and communication, and evaluation. While the planning process in the tvOne Public Relations activities include the discovery stage of the data. Where the tvOne conducted a survey of public opinion through the internet (kaskus, discussion forums), or social networking, to find out public opinion on tvOne about the program itself. Public opinion is collected and classified so that tvOne could find a subject matter or also an input for further strategic planning process. For the planning stage, left to the decision of the board of directors. Once the strategy is formed, subsequent to the Reuters public relations and communications at the stage of action, which at this stage Reuters implement public relations strategies both internally and externally. The last step is evaluation done to find out how much knowledge regarding the tvOne employee (internal) and how big the audience who witnessed the tvOne program (external) The process of planning activities Public Relations at Reuters has not come to fruition, because the Reuters public relations work only at the stage of data discovery, action and communication, as well as a simple evaluation. In the strategic planning process itself, the perpetrators of public relations tvOne were excluded. This is because strategic planning is done entirely by the directors of tvOne, whereas public relations is just doing the implementation of the strategy. Keywords: Strategy, Public Relations, image

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