Representasi Perempuan dalam Rubrik “Sosialita” Koran Kompas

Qurrota Ayun, Primada (2011) Representasi Perempuan dalam Rubrik “Sosialita” Koran Kompas. Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences.



Newspaper is one of mass media which is able to convey message to its public. The article in the newspaper can bring up a representation of reality which is constructed intentionally to set image through codes, pictures, myth, and ideologies from its culture. “Sosialita” Kompas column in an article showing image of how working women representation is as carrier women, housewife, and wife. This research is purposed to comprehend how is the image of super women who are represented through linguistic language and pictures recently, and also uncover the myth stated in “Sosialita” article. Theorist which are applied in this research are Social Construction by Berger-Luckmann, Liberal Feminism, and Representation theory by Stuart Hall. The researcher applied qualitative approach and took advantage of Roland’s Barthes Semiotic Analysis to observe and review signs in “Sosialita” article. The result of this research shown that super women are only myth that is popularized by the media. In fact, women face obstacles in dividing time for working in public field and playing the role in domestic field. It could be seen by the article observed which shows how important other people’s role in helping those women to complete their tasks in public and domestic field. Suggestion for this research is the importance of journalism on gender prespective. Keywords : Semiotics, Newspaper, Representation, Women.

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