To Keep the Age of Shoncus arvensis L. with the Drying Process by Cabinet Dryer

Santoso, Derta Putri Army (2011) To Keep the Age of Shoncus arvensis L. with the Drying Process by Cabinet Dryer. Undergraduate thesis, Undip.

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From this table, the results showed that the longer drying time there will be a severe reduction in material that is dried in a row until it reaches constant weight. The table shows that at a temperature of 800C has a very short time in the drying process. This is due to the drying air temperature is higher, the evaporation process occurs at a greater material, so that the water content of the evaporated material is also getting larger, consequently the rate of decrease in water content materials are also getting bigger and the time required for drying would be more brief. The rate of decrease in water content of the material in the drying process is influenced by the temperature in the cabinet dryer. The higher the temperature of drying the moisture content in the materials will be more rapid decline. The mechanism of drying that occur in the cabinet dryer is water that is on the surface material (dried) evaporates into the air. Drying leaves this tempuyung tempuyung produce tea leaves. The optimum temperature for drying the leaves tempuyung is 800C. It can be shown by the results of the tea leaves at a temperature of 800C tempuyung have dark green color with the most rapid drying time of 2.5 hours. While the drying temperature of 400C, 500C, 600C and 700C has a brownish green color (faded) and a relatively long drying time is 4.5 hours, 4 hours, 3.5 hours, and 3 hours. When compared with sun drying using oven drying has advantages. Using oven drying requires relatively shorter time is only 2.5 hours, while using the sun drying takes ± 1 day. That is because the weather is often changing. Besides using the oven drying will result in a more hygienic product, because drying using solar products will be contaminated with dust or contaminants in the air. Drying using the sun will produce tea leaves that are green tempuyung brownish (wilt).

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