Memahami Strategi Komunikasi Ormas Nasional Demokrat Sebagai Embrio Partai Politik di Indonesia

MAYA MONOARFA, MAYA MONOARFA (2011) Memahami Strategi Komunikasi Ormas Nasional Demokrat Sebagai Embrio Partai Politik di Indonesia. Undergraduate thesis, Diponegoro University.



National Democrat is one of many public organizations in Indonesia. It was grounded on a disappointment to the reformation movement initiated in 1998. The challenges it faces presently are how its communication strategy should be applied for persuading and attracting the people and how to build a good and positive image of its own in order to get more sympathy and to regain trust from the public. The issues of boredom and disappointment, on the part of many members of the societies, to the disappointing performances of the Government might result in bad image for the National Democrat Party. Another challenge concerns with how to socialize the visions and missions of the Party, through a notion of restoration, in which the objective is, by applying the concepts of proper communication strategies in both marketing and political fields, to transform Indonesia to a nation capable of building its own strength. This is so because National Democrat Public Organization is an embryo of political party in Indonesia. The main objective of this research was to analyze the communication strategies used by the National Democrat Public Organization. Specifically, this research intends to describe the communication strategies used by the National Democrat Public Organization for socializing its name, tagline and symbol. Proper communication strategies should be selected carefully in order to get the sympathies from the general public. This selection process is so crucial particularly because of the possibility that the National Democrat Public Organization might become a new political party. To answer the problems and to reach the research objectives, National Democrat uses theory of strategic communication and gives an emphasis on action, practice, and communication planning, aided by case study. The research object was the National Democrat Public Organization. The analyses showed that the National Democrat Public Organization, in interpreting its notion of Indonesian Restoration, uses three communication strategies: thematic, mediated and non-mediated approaches. The thematic approach is used during declaration programs; its presence in any locality always adapts to the local customs and cultural values in order to show that the National Democrat Public Organization always wants to be a part of the general members of the locality. The mediated approach makes use of electronic media (radios, TVs), advertising, waiting tones in cellular phones, BlackBerry, mars, hymns, printed media (newspapers, magazines), online media (facebook, website, twitter) and others.(leaflets, banners, ballyhoos, and brochures). The non-mediated approach is manifested in the forms of declaration programs in many localities, national symposiums, off-air activities (focus group discussions, public service programs, special training programs, human service programs, programs for environmental cares, responsiveness to natural disasters through National Democrat Rescue Teams, green programs, farming programs, seminars and commemorations of national religious events). In applying the communication strategy using the mediated approach, the National Democrat Public Organization frequently makes use of an electronic group medium, namely Metro TV. Actually, a television station is not a media for the interests of any partial group, but it’s a public room. Therefore, it’s recommended that the group medium should maintain its neutral position as a medium merely using the public room. Keywords : Communication Strategy, Restoration, National Democrat, Politics in Indonesia.

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