STUDI MENGENAI IMPULSE BUYING DALAM PENJUALAN ONLINE (Studi Kasus di Lingkungan Universitas Diponegoro Semarang)

KHARIS, Ismu Fadli and INDRIANI, Farida (2011) STUDI MENGENAI IMPULSE BUYING DALAM PENJUALAN ONLINE (Studi Kasus di Lingkungan Universitas Diponegoro Semarang). Undergraduate thesis, Universitas Diponegoro.



This research is motivated by the emergence of globalization which brings the impact to change the way to market the product. Today internet technology is one key to the success of small companies, medium, or large to encompass more and more customers. With the internet, a product marketing channe lfrom producers to consumers is no longer limited by time, space and distance. Manufacturers can easily market their products without going through the lengthy conventional marketing channel and take a long time and require more cost, producers are able to reduce costs to market its products. Internet technologies into fast-growing and ultimately makes the increasing competition in the market for producers in Indonesia and globally. There are interesting from the behavior of consumers in Indonesia, most consumers who spend their money in online business experience impulse buying when shopping. This study tried to determine what factors cause consumers to make impulse buying when shopping online. This study used two independent variables such as the quality of service(X1), promotion(X2) and impulse buying as the dependent variable(Y). After doing a literature review, and hypothesis formulation, data collected through questionnaires distributed to 100 respondents in the Diponegoro University who has made an unplanned purchase online by using purposive sampling. While the analysis performed by data processing using SPSS17.0 for windows. We then performed the analysis with existing data using a test of validity, reliability, classic assumption test, multiple regression analysis, and hypothesis testing using the f test and t test in order to get the equation Y = 0,409 X: 1 + 0,288 X 2 Based on the results of the analysis conducted shows that, the both of independent variables significantly influence the dependent. The service variable quality has positive influential in amount of 0,409 with significant level 0,000, the promotion variable has positive influential in amount of 0,288 with significant level 0,01. Coefficient amount of determination R2 of the both variables is 29.5%. This means that the both independent variables could explain 29.5% variation while other variations in the amount of 100% - 29.5% = 70.5% explained by other variables that are not described in this study.

Item Type:Thesis (Undergraduate)
Additional Information:impulse buying, service quality, and promotion.
Uncontrolled Keywords:impulse buying, service quality, and promotion.
Subjects:H Social Sciences > HJ Public Finance
Divisions:Faculty of Economics and Business > Department of Management
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