Niam, Bahrun and Hidayatno, Achmad and Isnanto, R.Rizal (2011) ANALISIS DETEKSI TEPI PADA CITRA BERDASARKAN PERBAIKAN KUALITAS CITRA. Undergraduate thesis, Jurusan Teknik Elektro Fakultas Teknik.



Edge detection and image enhancement a part of image processing. The purpose this final project to research result a image edge with of image enhancement, so that edge detection is repaired a image quality better than image which not yet repaired with the image enhancement. Program used to final project a programing Matlab. Methods used with detect the original image edge, then a original image get noise such as salt and pepper, gaussian and blur, then detected by the edge detection, so that will be resulted edge detection the different with edge detection from original image. Image which get a noise then repaired image enhancement by using median, wiener, and deblurring, so that will be got the image which same with the original image. So also edge detection is resulted much the same edge detection from original image. Repearing image enhancment use index quality Q. Image enhance success if second index quality better than index quality first. In the research image are used Jupiter, Lena, Kids, Pear, and Tape images. Result are final project a image Jupiter, image Lena, image, image Kids, image Pear, and image Tape, index quality is better 0,81182 at Jupiter image with salt and pepper noise, use median filter and prewitt edge detection. Index quality is lower 0,23665 at Pear image with gaussian noise, use wienner filter, and canny edge detection. Keywords: edge, noise, enhancement, image quality index

Item Type:Thesis (Undergraduate)
Subjects:T Technology > TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering
Divisions:Faculty of Engineering > Department of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering > Department of Electrical Engineering
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