Wildan, Achmad (2010) STUDI PROSES PEMUTIHAN SERAT KELAPA SEBAGAI REINFORCED FIBER. Masters thesis, Diponegoro University.

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Coconut fiber or coir can be developed into qualified products. Currently, a research has been conducted on the natural fiber as the composite matrix filler. Coir as one of the natural fibers has the superiority such as strong, elastic, bearable against the microbial dispersion, salinity, biodegradable, and it is plentiful in the nature. Bleaching process is one of the very important processes in the production of coir. The difference in condition bleaching process affect the quality of the coir obtained, such as tensile strenght and brightness. Hydrogen peroxide has the superiority as it has the character of environment friendly compared to other oxidators because its dispertion just produces water and oxygen. The aim of the research is to determine the effect of concentration H2O2, pH and temperature against the tensile strenght and brightness, as wellas to determine kinetics reaction on the bleaching process. The bleaching process was done by immersing the coir in the hydrogen peroxide solvent in base condition. The optimum result was obtained at concentration H2O2 3 %, pH 11 and temperature 60 oC with the value of brightness and tensile strenght of 82,10 and 119,75 MPa each. Constant of kinetics reaction is 1,0157 M-2 , 9,0787 M-1 dan 12,0598 M-1 . The change in brightness and tensile strenght after being bleaced is expected to be able to be used as reinforced fiber. Key words : coir, bleaching, constant of kinetics reaction, brightness, tensile strenght

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