Representasi TKW Dalam Film Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park

Faiza Malia, Faiza Malia (2010) Representasi TKW Dalam Film Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park. Undergraduate thesis, Diponegoro University.



Indonesia is one of the biggest migrant workers exporting countries in the world. There are currently millions of Indonesian migrant workers in various countries. Most of them are women, known as Tenaga Kerja Wanita (TKW) or Women Migrant Workers. They are acknowledged as ‘Foreign Exchange Heroes’ due to their beneficial role in the country’s foreign exchange earnings. However, TKWs are also prone to various forms of violence. The tragic stories that TKWs have experienced over the years have inspired cineastes to make movies about it. “Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park” (Sunday Morning in Victoria Park) is a movie that tells the story of the lives of TKWs who work in Hong Kong. This research aims to analyze the lives of TKWs in Hong Kong and how the TKWs are represented in this movie. This is a qualitative research which uses the semiotic approach. The data analysis is done based on the concepts that have been acknowledged by John Fiske in The Codes of Television. From this research, we can conclude that the movie “Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park” represents the TKWs from a different perspective. All this time, the media tends to visualize TKWs as subjects who are weak and vulnerable to violence. This movie, however, does not incorporate or portray any type of violence. This movie depicts the struggle that TKWs must endure in their hardship while working in Hong Kong. These TKWs work for one prime reason, and that is to aid to the betterment of their family’s financial condition. This movie also shows a unique perspective on the lives of TKWs which is the reality of how they live their lives in Hong Kong. Different from TKWs who work in other countries, these TKWs are illustrated as cheerful people. The appearance and outfits of these TKWs who work in Hong Kong are expressive and stylish. Besides that, this movie also spotlights the TKWs way of living. One aspect is the lesbian lifestyle that many of these Indonesian TKWs choose to live with in Hong Kong. The visualization of struggle and sacrifice that TKWs must go through in this movie, brings forth the paradigm that TKWs are heroes. They are heroes that are valuable for the country’s foreign exchange earnings and they are also heroes for their families at home. These TKWs have struggled overseas in order to support their family’s living in Indonesia. Thus, the movie ”Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park” has represented TKWs in a different way. TKWs who are often portrayed as subjects of violence and underrated, are depicted differently in this movie. This movie represents the TKWs as women who are heroes who struggle not only for their country but also, and more importantly, for their families which makes them respectable icons. Key Words: TKW, women as heroes, struggle

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