Setiawan, Jeffri Purnomo (2010) PENGARUH PEMBERIAN TABLET ASAM AMINO TERHADAP KELELAHAN OTOT. Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Medicine.

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Background : Amino acid, these days is widely used before exercise to improve performance and prevent muscle fatigue. It’s main component, BCAA, plays a role in preventing protein catabolism due to depletion number of glycogen in muscle.Creatine (combination of glysine and argynine) also plays role in human energy system and protein synthesis. .Based on recent studies ,amino acid’s role in improving exercise performance still need more study .This study is aimed to prove the effect of amino acid ingestion before exercise on mucle fatigue with anaerobic fatigue (AF) as anaerobic parameter , and VO2max as aerobic parameter. Methods : This was experimental study with post test only controlled group design .The subjects of this study were 48 male students of medical faculty Diponegoro university (19-21 years old range )that fulfilled the exclution and inclution criterias.The subjects were divided into 2 groups, control (without treatment) and treatment group.Treatment group was given one tablet of amino acid consists of 2,2 grams of essential , non-essential, and conditional amino acidsr 3o minutes before the test.Proportion Results:Proportion of the subject that has muscle fatigue is smaller in group which was given amino acid than subject wasn’t given amino acid. Statistic analysis using chi square test shows that p=0,017, it means that the difference between these groups is significant. VO2max of the subject that was given amino acid is higher than subject wasn’t given amino acid. t-independent test as a statistic analysis shows that the difference between these group is significant (p=0,020). Conclusion: Ingestion of one tablet (2,2 gram) amino acid 30 minutes before exercise affect significantly in the incidence of muscle fatigue both in aerob and anerob phase. Keyword: Amino acid tablet, Anaerobic Fatigue (AF), VO2 max

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