Wardhani, Mira_Kusuma (2007) EFEK PENGHAMBATAN PENUAAN EPIDERMIS KULIT MENCIT Balb/c oleh PANDANUS CONOIDEUS. Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Medicine.

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Background: Aging is a natural process in all of the body organ including the skin. Pandanus conoideus is a traditional herbal from Papua that contains high ingredients of beta-carotene, alpha-tokoferol, and essential fat acids which serve as inhibitor of oxidation, that change reactive free radicals, relatively stable non-reactive radicals Therefore it is probably useful for slowing down the aging process, particularly that caused by UV radiation from the sunlight. Method: This was an experimental study using post test-only control group design with 10 female mice, 25-30 grams, 6 weeks, randomized into 2 groups. Both groups were given standard diet for a week, than irradiated with UV light lamp for 3 weeks three times per week started from 50 mJ/cm2 for the first week, 70 mJ/cm2 for the second and 80 mJ/cm2 for the third to achieve the total dose of 600 mJ/cm2 over the fourth week. Group I (K) were only given the radiation. Group II (P) were given both radiation and Pandanus conoideus oil 50 µl/each/day orally. At the the end of the fourth week their back skin were taken by biopsy in order to measure the thickness of the epidermis as indicator of aging process. Results: The Mean of epidermis thickness in Group I (K) is 13786.5 ± 4328.6 µm and in Group II (P) is 11076.1± 4430.7 µm . Statistic test shows that there is a significant difference between 2 experiment groups ( p<0.05) Conclusions: Consumption of Pandanus conoideus oil with dose 50 µl/orally/day for 3 weeks during UV radiation can help reducing aging process in Balb/c mice’s skin epidermis. Keywords: Pandanus conoideus, Early Skin Aging, UV radiation

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