Saputri, Afi_Atika (2007) PENGARUH PEMBERIAN EKSTRAK KEDELAI (Glycine max) TERHADAP MOTILITAS SPERMA MENCIT Balb/c JANTAN. Undergraduate thesis, Faculty of Medicine.

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Background : Sperm motility plays an important role to make a success conception. The regulation disturbance in male reproductive tract can decrease sperm motility. One of studies in the male reproductive tract has been reported that estrogen and its receptor are important for maintaining the regulation of the male reproductive tract. Soybean (Glycine max) was known as an estrogenic herb. The aim of this study was to prove the effect of soybean on motility of male Balb/b sperm. Method : This was an experimental study with a post test only control group design. Thirty six male Balb/b mice as a subject, which was divided into four groups (K, A, B and C) after adapted in a week. Every group was given a standard diet. K was not given soybean extract. A, B and C were given soybean extract respectively with 260 mg, 520 mg and 780 mg. All soybean extract dose was given in 1 ml/day. All mice were terminated on the 22nd day. Then the sperm motility was examined with straight quick move and slow move criteria and then analyzed with SPSS 15.00 for Windows. Result : Mean level of motility sperm of four groups respectively are : 2,20±1,61 ; 2,75±2,65 ; 5,25±6,02 ; 2,44±2,70. Kruskal-Wallis test shown that there is no significant differences of sperm motility between control and treatment (p>0.05). Conclusion : Soybean extract supplementation in 260 mg, 520 mg, and 780 mg dose can increase the sperm motility but it is not significant. Key words : sperm motility, soybean, estrogenic, male Balb/c mice

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