Saputra , Okta and Teki, Podang and Purwadi, Didik and Christiawan, Ignatius (2010) PERENCANAAN CAMPURAN ASPAL BETON DENGAN MENGGUNAKAN FILLER TANAH (SILT). Undergraduate thesis, Diploma in Civil Engineering.



Asphalt concrete as a material for road construction has long been known and widely used in road construction. The use of asphalt concrete in Indonesia from year to year increases. This is caused by asphalt concrete has several advantages compared with other materials, such as its price is relatively cheaper than concrete, its ability to support heavy loads and high vehicle can be made from local materials are available and have good resistance to weather. Asphaltic concrete is a mixture of continuously graded aggregate with bituminous materials. The main strength of existing concrete pavement on the state of aggregate interlocking grain and a bit of sand / filler / bitumen as mortar. Some important things that must be considered in the design of asphalt concrete are: workability, stability, durability, flexibility, skid resistance. Filling material (filler) in a mixture of asphalt concrete is a material that No.200 sieve (0.075 mm). Kinds of fillers that can be used are: gray stone, hydrated lime, portland cement (PC), dolomite dust, fly ash, blast furnace dust and cement manufacturers of plastic materials not other minerals. Number of filler material in asphalt concrete mixtures is very limited. Too much filler, the mixture will be very stiff and easily cracked in addition requires a lot of asphalt to meet the workability. Instead of filling material shortages mixture becomes very pliable and easy to deformed by the vehicle wheel so as to produce a bumpy road. In this study, filler content is limited between 2% to 8% of the total weight of asphalt concrete. Type of filler selected soil (silt) The purpose of this study was to determine the properties of filler materials of soil (silt) in asphalt concrete mixtures: 1. Test the mixture by means of Marshall. 2. Finding the optimum binder content. 3. Examine the properties of the mixture at optimum asphalt content by the Marshall immersion test.

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Faculty of Engineering > Diploma in Civil Engineering
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