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Fishing Technology development that included in Long Time Development (Pembangunan Jangka Painting / PJP) that start fi-oin 1994, one of purposes is Development and improvement manufacture technology that give contribution in effort to increase food safety and fish consumption per capita (Puslitbang perikanan, 1998) Fishes as a food material is a source of protein that have high quality, because fishes to prepare all of kind essential amino acid and also lisin amino acids, metionin and histidin. These three amino acid is a limit amino add that in source of vegetable (nabati) are very few, like on coin, and on some foods have not that acid. (Hadiwiyoto, 1997). In general all of fishes include protein 17 — 25% (Kinsella, 1988 on Hadiwiyoto 1997). Protein on lernurn fish is 18,7% (Thomas,dkk,1988) Fish and its preparation product are food material that has completely amino acid, included 10 kind essential amino acid that can't be synthesis on human body. On between 10 amino acid, lisin is easy damage by physic treatment (temperature and shine), oxidation reaction on not saturation fat, Maillard reaction, bacteria activities, and change of Ph. Amino acid will give reaction to other amino acid through c-amino lisin and forming lisinolala»in. On its metabolism, bacteria need energy that taked from amino acids (lisin) through deaminase process, and forming putresin and CO2. Lisin is a one of essential amino acid, and that acid on fish is easy damage, so need done a research how to produce preparation fish-in order amino acid not change. One of fish preservation process by smoking. Smoke can he used as a preservative because including antioxidant component, antimicrobial, like phenol and acetate acid. Smoking can he done with two method, hot smoking and coot smoking. Hot smoking is done direct in upon burn. Direct smoking cause bezopyrene soul is followed, and with cool smoking is done by to consedatc smoke became liquid smoke, so bezopyrene soul that together with ter will crouch, not follow on condensation (Margaretha 2000). Smoke liquid that gave is defrost and used to preserve fish or other food. Liquid smoke from ginger on pirolize 200-250QC, will produce soul that have. antimicrobial, character and high antioxidant, and ginger have particular smell and including oleoresin that can increase antioxidant, so on prediction can chase amino acid damage, special on ainino lisin acid. Liquid smoke with ginger taste on lemum fish (SardineIla longceps) is tried on this research Lemont fish is thoosed because this fish can find evetywbere in Indonesia and public also consume this fish. PROBLEMS Lemunt fish including amino lisin acid, that is a essential amino acid and its needed for growing up. Atnino lisin acid can't be synthesis in human body, so amino lisin acid must get from foods input. Vegetable foods including few lisin, but WO can get much from fishes. On fishes preparation, amino lisin acid on fish can decrease, because of bacteria activities, Change of pH „ oxygen, hot or shine and its combination. Liquid smoke have ability to chase microbial activities because Mere are phenol soul and acetate acid (Ratna, c11(1( 1997), also antimicrobial souls and antioxidant in ginger, that can give preservative effect mid increase taste, so we hope liquid smoke nom a part of coconut shell that give can than: decreasing ill leinum fish. RESEARCH PURPOSE Research purpose is looking for exactly operation condition for optimation amino essential lisin acid in lemma fish, if fish preservation using liquid smoke. RESEARCH RESULT Fish preservation process using liquid smoke with ginger taste, is done by concentration variation of liquid smoke 2-10% MICi time olsoaking 5-25 minutes and give result : quality decreasing in protein wit-11 test parameter TvB most low is 2,54 mgr 00 g. In liquid smoke 2% and time of soaking and highest value is 7,43, on concentration 10% and time of soaking 25 minutes. TV B standart for fish that good for consume have value in lower 12 ing N/I00 gr fish meat (Olcot, 1983). Testing of amino lisin acid is done with concentration variation of liquid smoke 2¬10% and time of soaking 5-25 minutes and give result : amino lisin acid will stabile on concentration 840%, with time of soaking 25 minutes, if compared on beginning value of lit is 27,65 mgr/gr. It's caused on high concentration of liquid smoke, can chasing on microorganism growing up. Amino lisin acid is easy damage by bacteria activities and forming putresin and CO2 through deaminase that give rotten-smell (Menital,dkk,1999) Grade of lisin 24,94 mgr N/100gr can find on liquid smoke concentration 6% and time of soaking 10 minutes and have contribution good taste.. Physic testing that done are performance, taste and smells for each liquid smoke concentration that tried. Testing of performance and smell, show on concentration until 6%, and time of soaking until 25 minutes is a likely criteria. Testing of taste show with time of soaking 10 minutes and liquid smoke concentration 65 is a likely criteria. On likely testing give result : Upper limit for category that liked is soaking with liquid smoke concentration 85, time of soaking 20 minutes, and for category that most liked on liquid smoke concentration 85 and tune of soaking, 10 'ninnies. Inc all concentration that tried with time of soaking 5 minutes giyernost likely criteria

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