Martin, Yul (2008) ANALISIS FAKTOR-FAKTOR YANG MEMPENGARUHI KEPUASAN DALAM MEMBANGUN LOYALITAS PENGELOLA OUTLET (Studi Terhadap Produk Telkom Flexi Pada Outlet Telekomunikasi Yang Berada di Area Telkom Jateng/DIY). Masters thesis, Program Pasca Sarjana Universitas Diponegoro.

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Customer satisfaction has always been an important issue in many firms and academic researches. Based on Survey Index Satisfaction Customer Award done by Frontier, Flexi trendy is a prepaid telephone service product that has the highest index (SWA No. 19, September 12, 2007). Based on the research done by Essence of Development Research Center of UNDIP (2007) about Telkom Partner’s Satisfaction, there are three variables that construct the partner’s satisfaction, i.e.: fairness, trust and relationship benefit, based on a survey by Indeks Kepuasan Mitra (IKM), it shows the number of 76 % which it means that it was lesser than Telkom’s target that is 80%. This means that it has to be a focus of Telkom concern to keep on doing continues improvement. All this time, the outlet manager had been assumed as an agent, but now their status has shifted and become a vertical competition arena in the business competition, and the outlet manager function now become a sales channel, therefore their satisfaction against their suppliers need to be overlooked. To day, there is only 20 % of unbound outlet that was able to be worked on as constructed outlet by Telkom Jateng/DIY and continue in providing the prepaid starter card or the reload voucher. Therefore, discussion about the outlet manager satisfaction in business to business context that improve the outlet manager loyalty is an issue of this research. Data was collected from 125 managers of the constructed outlet of Telkom Flexy in Jateng/DIY area through questionnaires in order to solve the research problem. Thus the causality hypotheses were tested using the Structural Equation Modeling analysis methods. The result shows that the hypothesis which says that there is an impact of customer perceived value on the outlet managers satisfaction, sales person competence has an impact on the outlet manager satisfaction, and the outlet managers satisfaction has an impact on the outlet manager loyalty is significantly accepted. Based on the result, there are some managerial implication that can be suggested to improve the outlet manager loyalty through the outlet manager satisfaction. And in order to improve the outlet manager satisfaction, it is suggested that it can be achieved by improving the sales person competence through training and education about customer handling, giving the briefing as early as possible every time there is a launching of a new product, giving the briefing about the complain handling system and procedure, giving a seminar about the business improvement strategy. However, the customer perceived value can be improved by making better mechanism (make the procedure more simple) so that the customer can easily access the Flexi Combo, the registration, and the reloading, establishing new BTS and redesigning the price of the Flexi product bundling. Kepuasan pelanggan selalu menjadi topik penting yang dibahas di berbagai perusahaan dan riset-riset akademik. Berdasakan Survey Index Satisfaction Customer Award yang dilakukan oleh Frontier bahwa Flexi Trendy merupakkan produk layanan telepon prabayar dengan index tertinggi (SWA No. 19, 12 September 2007). Berdasarkan penelitian yang dilakukan oleh Pusat Penelitian Kajian Pembangunan UNDIP (2007) terhadap kepuasan Mitra Kerja Telkom ada tiga variabel yang membangun kepuasan mitra yaitu fairness, trust dan relationship bennefit, dari survey yang dilakukan diperoleh Index Kepuasan Mitra (IKM) sebesar 76 % dari target yang ditetapkan Telkom sebesar 80 %. Hal ini tentu menjadi fokus perhatian Telkom Jateng/DIY untuk tetap melakukan continuous improvement. Selama ini pengelola outlet dianggap hanya berfungsi sebagai agen, saat ini status mereka meningkat menjadi arena kompetisi vertikal dalam persaingan bisnis dan fungsi pengelola outlet berubah menjadi sales channel, oleh karena itu kepuasan mereka terhadap supplier harus mendapat perhatian. Saat ini hanya 20 % outlet lepas yang baru dapat digarap menjadi outlet binaan dan menyediakan kartu perdana/ voucher secara berkelanjutan oleh Telkom Jateng/DIY. Maka penelitian ini dilakukan untuk membahas kepuasan pengelola outlet dalam konteks “business to business” sehingga diperoleh loyalitas pengelola outlet. Untuk menjawab permasalahan dalam penelitian ini data dikumpulkan dari 125 pengelola outlet binaan Telkom Flexi di Area Jateng/DIY dengan menggunakan kuesioner. Selanjutnya untuk menguji hipotesis kausalitas dilakukan menggunakan teknik analisis Structural Equation Modeling. Hasil pengujian hipotesis menunjukkan bahwa hipotesis yang menunjukkan adanya pengaruh customer perceived value terhadap kepuasan pengelola outlet, kompetensi petugas penjualan berpengaruh terhadap kepuasan pengelola outlet, dan kepuasan pengelola outlet berpengaruh terhadap loyalitas pengelola outlet dapat diterima secara signifikan. Atas dasar hasil pengujian hipotesis tersebut maka implikasi manajerial yang dapat ditarik meningkatkan loyalitas pengelola outlet melalui peningkatan kepuasan pengelola outlet. Dan untuk meningkatkan kepuasan pengelola outlet dilakukan dengan meningkatkan kompetensi petugas penjualan yang diupayakan melalui pendidikan dan pelatihan kepada petugas penjualan tentang cara customer handling, memberikan briefing sedini mungking setiap kali ada peluncuran produk baru, mengadakan briefing mengenai prosedur dan system penanganan komplain, dan memberikan seminar mengenai strategi peningkatan bisnis agar dapat disebarluaskan kepada outlet binaan sedangkan peningkatan customer perceived value yang diupayakan dengan melakukan perbaikan mekanisme (mempermudah prosedur) agar pelanggan lebih dimudahkan untuk mengakses Flexi Combo, registrasi, dan isi ulang, menambah BTS, dan mendesain kembali harga bundling produk Flexi.

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