Feasibility of Complete Feed Based on Ammoniated Fermented Rice Straw Utilization on The Beef Cattle Farming

Mayulu, H and Suryanto, B and Sunarso, Sunarso and Christiyanto, M and Ballo, F I and Refa’i, Refa’i (2009) Feasibility of Complete Feed Based on Ammoniated Fermented Rice Straw Utilization on The Beef Cattle Farming. Journal of the Indonesian Tropical Animal Agriculture, 34 (1). pp. 74-79. ISSN 0410-6320


Official URL: http://www.jppt.undip.ac.id


This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of complete feed (CF) based on ammoniated fermented rice straw to dry matter intake (DMI), average daily gain (ADG), income overfeed cost (IOFC) and feasibility of CF which consisted of revenue cost (R/C) and net income. The research was done on Mixed Farming at Blora regency in April–October 2007. Research materials were Simmental-crossbred beef cattle, CF diet and conventional feed. Amount of 20 beef cattle were selected through simple random sampling then were divided into 5 groups: T0 (control) was fed conventional feed; T1 was given CF 11%; T2 12%; T3 13%; and T4 14% CP with 12% TDN during 56 days, and was observed to DMI and ADG. The design used completely randomized design (CRD), the data was analyzed by using analysis of variance. Usage feasibility of CF was evaluated through calculated of IOFC, R/C and net income. The results showed that there were no significantly difference on DMI between groups of treatment and control. However, there were significantly difference in ADG and IOFC. The highest ADG was T2: 1.54 kg/d/head and the lowest was T4: 1.28 kg/d/head. The biggest of IOFC was on T1= Rp.18,391.14 and the lowest was T4= Rp.14,872.74. The highest of feed feasibility on T1 with R/C= 2.3 and net income Rp.802,218/head/56 days, lowest was T4 with R/C= 2.0 and net income Rp.601,302,-/headl/56 days. Conclusion: utilization of CF on beef cattle was more usable because of higher net income compare to conventional feed. Keywords: Feed Feasibility, Ammoniated-Fermented Rice Straw, Complete Feed, Beef Cattle.

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