HANDAYANI, LESTARI (2002) IMPLEMENTASI KEBIJAKAN PENETAPAN UPAII MINIMUM KABUPATEN (Study Kasus di Kecamatan Sayung Kabupaten Demak). Masters thesis, Program Pasca Sarjana Universitas Diponegoro.

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During the Reformation Government labour policy such as the decision on the regional minimum substance wage (UMK), has not been the results of the pressures and demands of existing labour organizations. By using mechanism wage it is interesting to examine quantitaty. The purpose of this research is to findout the explanation of the low regional minimum wage in Demak regional. The collecting data are obstained through questionair 73 respoudens and in depth interviews with UMK policy stakeholders. The data wich unified than proccesed and analized in qualitative and quantitative way whith used Rank Kendall"s Statistic Formulation. The final research conlude that UMK Policy Implementation can put in goodless category as much as 56,2 % and 23,3% in goodn"t category, Actor Behavior in Agency Oganizations belong to good category as much as 31,5%, 60,3% in goodless category and 8,2% in not good category. Such as policy environment can classivied in not goog category as much as 46,6% , 30,1% in gooless category and also Communications can put in goodless category as much as 47,9% and 24,7% ini not good category. Whereas analized hypothesis tested with Rank Kendall"s Formulation shows that there are sighnivicant corelation being Actor Behavior in Agency Organization, Policy Evironment and Communication with UMK Policy Implementation but very powerless, that is 0,065%. The UMK policy is established through bottom up by a "Tripartit" institution, but the final decision of UMK is determined by Governor. In order to influence the government's decision. Labourers and enterpreneur united into interest groups named Labor Unions and APINDO. The influenced level of the labour groups put on the internal cohesion of the members, meanwhile the influenced level of the enterpreneur groups is put on the fortune and investation. The Govermnent of an actor on mediator interest conflict .from this it could be said that UMK policies is an equilibrium achieved from struggles among interest groups. The economical condition of Central Java which causes the low of UMK, whereas the base of regional minimum wage determination is the KHM of an unmarried labourer so that it is too low for a married labourer. Besides, most of undertakings in Central Java are small firm with many labours, so that have a wage paying capacity. The fmals research ....

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