CEK PUTIH SEBAGAI PRODUK KOMUNITAS BISNIS (Suatu Kajian Hukum Dari Perspektif Sosio-kuj.tural Dalam Transaksi Bisnis Pada Masvarakat Etnis China Di Kalimantan Barat

PURWANTO, PURWANTO (2000) CEK PUTIH SEBAGAI PRODUK KOMUNITAS BISNIS (Suatu Kajian Hukum Dari Perspektif Sosio-kuj.tural Dalam Transaksi Bisnis Pada Masvarakat Etnis China Di Kalimantan Barat. Masters thesis, Program Pasca Sarjana Universitas Diponegoro.

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The existing of the cheaues us an alternative instrument to pay in business transaction, having atendencv of disfunction when it is applied to the community of Chinese etnic business in West Kalimantan. Their transaction of payment practice is more often uses white cheaue (cep gvo) which its form and publication is tend to unarranged well it is for from formality point of few such as a cheque in KUHD and SEBI. This reality is incorret especially from the formal yuridiction perspective, its provided as a contradictive action which is not exactly protecting to user. The logic behaviour to choose these white cheque, will show clearly if it is chronologically observe by socio-cultural frame of its community counter-normatively, that is over of jurisdiction. This kind of discussion model is tend to understand an object that is neither with foreign perspective, nor same to all object but in order to respect its communities spesification and unique. Because bassically, to be aware or not, cunduction to choose of using white cheque and not a cheaue, is depending on the social basic reference from its business community. Its business community is less formal, because it is considered uneficien, unflexible and indirectly effecting to the harmony substances kouchei (family). fang (family unit) and :Han, (business community). Even formalism is condiser as helm? (punishment) that should be avoided by businessman. Privet relation (individual) and business are arranging internally by its society (communities) to emphasize on personally belief (particularities). To force on formalism of business relation will reduce the credibility which may causes a creation of negative latent fuction that should be ignored in every business such as: less believeable, less familiar and unflexible, considered to be a stronge man, etc. The existing of white cheque, actually would accommodate business relation positively and to prevent from negative latent appearance as already mentioned above. In the case of business problem solving (esppcialy in white cheque), effect of law perception as heing is highly dominating and influences its behaviour. As a result, unlegitimately solving by mediation with involving the institution of funneral foundation is considered as the best choise. It solution will attended a sense of justice and to make satisty to people who have conflict. For them. justice is assumed as a feeling of responsibility to understand each other (chenp-lie), it is not to decide who is right and who is wrong. Besides, its solution will be obeyed by them, because according to them, it is being witness by their ancestor.

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