LISTYARINI, DYAH (1998) KESADARAN HUKUM PENGUSAHA DALAM MELESTARIKAN FUNGSI LINGKUNGAN HIDUP (Studi Pada Pengrajin Batik Tamansari Yogyakarta). Masters thesis, Program Pasca Sarjana Universitas Diponegoro.



One of environmental management objectives is to achieve conserved. Environmental function as real. So that it is required people's awa•eness especially by the industrial entrepreneur in controlling environment in which beneficial for promoting the quality of life, since everyone has equal rights on healthy environment. For creating healthy and good environment, everyone has obligation to main turn environment function as well as preventing and over coining pollution and environment damaging. Subsequently, law awareness of Tamansari batik entrepreneurs is interesting to be studied regarding their success in promoting their standard of life by batik entrepreneurship, which handed down since 1933. From years to years batik entrepreneurship at Tamansari keca.matan Kraton Yogyakarta has been fast developed in distributing their product locally as well as abroad markets. Observing directly that the neighborhood condition in Tamansari Yogyakarta is healthy and comfortable, and environment cleanliness is well maintained also, even though the houses for producing batik seem unpretentious and a permanent. This is because their lots are properties of Kraton (Royal palace), so they have to obey the rules issued by the Kraton, such as obligations for conserving the environment function. Observation findings on site indicates there are several factors in fluencing the law awareness of the batik entrepreneurs on conserving environmental function snob as : obedience, well educated, kraton's property rights, the kraton authority's demeanor that support conservation of environmental, and govermnental efforts in realization of conserving environmental function. Tamansari located in Patehan village, kecamatan kraton Municipality Yogyakarta has 12, 666 hectare wide, lived by 565 families with 2622 in habitants consists of 1391 males and 1231 females. Tamansari is well known by its batik art, for formerly war an area provided for the royal servants (abdi dalem) mid royal relatives. Year by year, the development of batik industries has become aclvanced far by their artistic touch, so that many orders received from inland. and foreign countries. Batik has also gave great contribution for state foreign currencies acceptance and demanding a great. deal of employees. The labor demand averages from 4 to 15 persons for each industry in Tamansari which exactly to the amount 64 entrepreneurship. On one hand, the batik industry development in Tamansari Yogyakarta gave positive impact in from of' labor vacancies increasing people's income, contribution for regional economic growth rate as well as contribution for state foreign currencies acceptance.. Regarding to the conservation of environment function, it is a necessity of law awareness of the batik entrepreneurs in Tamansari Yogyakarta in maintain the environment, which could be seen by the following indicators i.e. knowledge in law provisions, understanding in the behalf of legal rules, law attitude and behavior of the entrepreneurs to the legal rules.

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