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In order to spread the economical development, The City Government of Bogor as explained in the RTRW Kota Bogor 1999-2009, plans to develop 5 units of traditional market at the widening area. From those five locations, until the year of 2001, there are 2 of markets realized with the bad result; there was only 1 (one) market that could be functioned, there was Pasar Tanah Baru. This condition worrying to the succeed of the building of the 3 latter locations, they are, Bubulak Pamoyangan and Katulampa. Meanwhile, there should be a research in order to reveal the causes of the increase or the decrease of Pasar Tanah Baru itself, to prevent the failure happened in planning and building the others traditional market at the widening area of Kota Bogor. This research will be developed on the basis of research question as follows : (I) what is the factors that cause the development of the market, and (2) between those factors, what factor is the most influential to the development of Pasar Tanah Baru The purpose of this research is to study the determining factor as supporter to the development of Pasar Tanah Baru, as a guideline of the building of new traditional market at the widening area of Kota Bogor, while the target are : (a) determined the possibly factors to the building of traditional market, (b) to compare and apply those factors at the Pasar Traditional Tanah Baru, and (c) to analyze the relationship/ the influence between those factors to the development of Pasco- Tanah Baru or the correlation between those factors itself, and also to recommend the building planning of new traditional market at the widening area of Kota Bogor. The analysis applied in this research is consisting of qualitative analysis that supported by quantitative analysis by using multiple linear regression statistic model of backward elimination. According to the prior literature and survey, determined that the facto s that will be analyzedfrom the spacing factor (spatial), the customer and seller's behavior involved in the trading activities at Pasar Tanah Barn. The spatial factors are including: threshold population, market area, agglomeration, the 'Minium competition and median location. Customer's behavior that will be analyzed are including : extend range, the role of public transportation, shopping ammo); market interest, income per month, daily expenditure, promotion and public participation. While, according to the seller side, that will be studied are : the type of products, total of shops, selling experiences, the origin of product, the way to have the product, the total capital and the total of transaction value. From the analysis as explained above, explained that the market area, agglomeration and threshold population variables form the vision of spatial, the readiness ofpublic transportation medium and the total of rupiah values that expend from the vision of product types and the total of transaction values that occurred from the vision of the sellers are the influential factors to the development of Pasar Tanah Baru, even though in the reality according to the research; that development itself was not reach a good development yet. Then, the result of the analysis will be the references to review the tentative planning of given market location. Actuallyfrom the three locations of the market there is Pasar Katulampa that only could comply all criteria given and one another is Pasco- Pamoyangan and Bubulak that still be considered not comply the criteria, especially in agglomeration and the readiness of public transportation facilities. The increasing of Pasar Tanah Baru development was recommended in the building of the shortcut to the housing location in Kelurahan Tegal Gundil and also restructuring the route of its public transportation. From the others 3 planning of traditional market location, Pasar Katulampa was recommended to be followed up to the building process, while the others locations should be postpone or be moved to other locations that couldfulfill the requirements. Then the standardization of the determining location of this traditional market, so there must be an advance stua), with the larger samples that could represent the existence city or district in Indonesian that has a planned traditional market. Dalam upaya menteratakan pembangunan ekonomi, Pemerintah Kota Bogor sebagaimana tertuang dalam RTRW Kota Bogor 1999-2009, merencanakan unit & membangun 5 unit pasar tradisional di wilayah perluasan. Dari kelima lokasi tersebut, sampai dengan Tabun 2001, baru terealisasi 2 lokasi pasar dengan hasil yang kurang menggembirakan ; hanya 1 (satu) pasar yang berfungsi, yaitu Pasar Tanah Baru. Kondisi ini culcup mengkhawatirkan bagi keberhasilan pembangunan di 3 lokasi berikutnya, yaitu Bubulak Pamoyanan dan Katulampa Untuk itu perlu dilakukan studi guna mengungkap penyebab keberhasilan atau kekurangan dari Pasar Tanah Baru tersebut, dan mengantisipasi terjadinya kegagalan dalam merencanakan dan membangun pasar tradisional baru di wilayah perluasan Kota Bogor. Penelitian akan dikembangkan atas dasar research question sebagai berikut : (1)faktor-fiaktor apa yang menyebabkan pasar bisa berkembang dan (2) diantara faktor tersebut, faktor apa yang paling berpengaruh terhadap perkembangan Pasar Tanah Baru Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah melakukan kajian terhadap faktor penentu pendukung perkembangan Pasar Tanah Baru, sebagai acuan bagi pembangunan pasar tradisional baru di wilayah perluasan Kota Bogor, sedangkan sasaran yang ditargetkan adalah: (a) menentukan faktor-faktor yang kemungkincm berpengaruh terhadap pembangunan pasar tradisional, (b) mengkomparasikan dan mengaplikasikan faktor-faktor tersebut pada Pasar Tradisional Tanah Baru, dun (c) menganalisis hubungan/ pengaruh antara faktor-faktor tersebut terhadap perkembangan Pasar Tanah Baru ataupun korelasi diantara faktor-faktor ilu sendiri, serta merekomendasikan rencana pembangunan pasar tradisional baru di wilayah perluasan Kota Bogor.

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