SUPRAPTI, ATIK (1997) KAJIAN POLA SPATIAL KAMPUNG KAUMAN SEMARANG Sebagai Suatu 'Place'. Masters thesis, Program Pascasarjana Universitas Diponegoro.

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This research was started with the assume that, 'a place' have been occurred from the integrated between the physical and unphysical element. The element of physic is called 'space' and unphysic is man culture. Meanwhile the residence's behavioral have appropriate with their physical environment. `Place' in Kauman is a process, that have been happened through a long period, time have been changed, many story have been preceded and that all perform the characteristic of Kauman place. Kauman kampoong have been exited in many Javanese city, that is identified as an <Santri's kampoong in downtown (usually is located behind and surround the `Masjid Besar'. It is differently while the Semarang kampoong have been got external pressure from its surrounding the 'central business district" (CBD) of Johan. One thing important that trere is the early Kauman Semarang surrounding is `central cultural district' and recently around 1970 have been changed to be 'CBD' This phenomena is dilematicaly, in one side it have been given them a lot of advantages , in the economic value, and the other side the kauman must be conserved, because it's relation with history of Semarang city. As a settlement, a place of Kauman have an internal power that is called 'the spirit of place Kauman'. There were resulting three integrated power, economic, have been performed an economic production space. social/ cultural, have been performed an social production space religion, have been performed an religion production space. The three 'production space' is uncommonly for a kampoong ( fora kampoong usually have only two production space, there are economic and social). A production space is the balancing, integration of the three has made Kauman kampoong defensible from the external exchange. The spirit of kauman is the characteristic of Kauman, that is the civilization of Kaman community. In physical, kaufaan kampoong is the old kampoong which have densely and trend have degradation, and the accessible is controlled. But it is the answer, why have been the Kauman 'defensible for now in the surround exchange to the long period.

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